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Most of the time you got a long with your boyfriend Pavel, but there were some hard days. Today the two of you were on shore leave and were meant to spend the whole day together.

"Uh, (y/n)?" Chekov asked hesitantly while the two of you walked through a clothing store.

"Yeah?" You replied with a smile.

"I-uh, well, Sulu and Scotty invited me to spend the afternoon with them," Pavel explained.

"Babe you promised we could spend today together, you were with them all day yesterday!" You complained.

"I just want to spend time with my friends (y/n)! You don't understand because you don't have many friends!" He shot back, clearly frustrated.

"I have friends but I choose you over them!" You answered, raising your voice now.

"Why don't you go ask them to spend the afternoon with you because I'm leaving!" Pavel yelled before turning to storm out of the store. He didn't realize the clear glass door of the shop was closed and ran right into it. He fell backwards holding his nose.

"Are you ok?" You asked him with a little giggle.

"I think I broke my nose," he told you.

"Oh babe, come in , let's get you to a doctor," you said while helping him up. You carefully opened the door before letting Pavel walk through it in front of you.

"(Y/n), I'm sorry, I promised to spend time with you and I will," Pavel said.

"Well of course you'll spend time with me now, you have a broken nose!" You said with a laugh while walking Pavel towards a doctors office.

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