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Happy Halloween everyone!!

You were talking with Spock trying to decide what you could both be for Halloween. The two of you were struggling, Spock did not find any costumes logical enough.

"Why don't we just switch uniform colors and say we are going as each other?" You asked finally, hoping Spock would agree.

"That would be illogical, I am not an engineer nor are you a scientist. The colors would not match our professions." Spock told you. You sighed before looking over at him.

"It's not supposed to be logical, Spock, it's supposed to be funny." You told him.

"I do not see the comedy but I suppose I will trade uniforms with you for your amusement." Spock said. You cheered and gave him a quick hug before going to get your costume ready.

It was not that hard for you to go into your clothing sequencer and change a shirt to match Spock's, you already had pants that would match.

You were super excited for the Halloween party the next day and went to sleep thinking about it. Once you got out and went to work the whole day dragged on, you just wanting to go to the party.

Spock was meant to pick you up at 5:45 for the party at 6. By 5:15 you were eagerly waiting in your quarters, ready for the party dressed like Spock.

At exactly 5:45 your doorbell rang and you got up excitedly to open the door. When you opened the door you couldn't help but laugh at Spock standing in front of you in a red engineering dress. Spock looked at you confused.

"I am not sure why you are laughing." He said.

"I didn't expect you to wear a dress, I've worn the red shirt sometimes, not the dress." You explained.

"This is what you normally wear, and I was mean to copy you." Spock said matter of factly. You nodded in understanding and held back a light while walking out of your room and towards the party with Spock.

As soon as the two of you walked in Bones and Kirk walked up to you.

"What are you wearing?" Bones asked looking very confused while Kirk laughed beside him.

"I'm meant to copy Lieutenant (l/n). She is meant to be me."  Spock explained.

"Well she certainly makes a good you. You , on the other hand, do not make a good (y/n)." Kirk said while still laughing. Throughout the party everyone found Spock's outfit funny, but he was slightly proud of how well he copied your outfit, almost too proud for a Vulcan.

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