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"Come on!" You yelled while running towards the wagon pick up. This farm was one of the few places you could still ride in a horse pulled wagon.

"I'm coming, don't vorry!" Your boyfriend Chekov called to you while walking quickly trying to catch up.

Finally he fought up to you and the two of you were able to get onto a wagon. You smiled while the horses pulled you towards the apple trees.

"I'm so glad we had shore leave in time to go apple picking!" You exclaimed with a big smile.

"It is interesting, I've never picked apples before." Chekov told you. Soon the cart stopped and the person driving pointed up the types of apples near by.

You immediately got off the wagon and started to pick apples. You were picking the best ones you could reach and found a few before Chekov called out behind you.

"Uh, (y/n). How do I know vhat ones to pick?" Chekov asked you while blushing. You laughed at the embarrassed Russian before walking up to him and pointing out the best apples on the tree by him. Soon Chekov was walking right along with you picking the best apples he could fine.

The two of you walked around and got a few different types of apples along the way. Soon you were waiting for the cart back to the shop. As soon as the wagon came by and stopped and and Chekov climbed on.

Back at the shop you payed for the apples the two of you had picked and looked for some apple cider to buy. You smiled after getting some warm apple cider and walked back towards the near by transporter station to head home.

You both returned home happily with bags full of apples. You smiled and settled down in the kitchen, ready to make an apple pie from scratch.

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