Trip Tucker- Part 1

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You woke up feeling sick again. You quickly ran into the bathroom and threw up. You had figured it was the little bit of ice cream you had the night before, you were slightly lactose intolerant after all.

Walking back into the bedroom you realized your husband Trip had already gone to work. You pouted slightly, just wanting to cuddle with him and fall back to sleep in his arms. You decided to just get ready for the day.

You put on your uniform but added one of Trips long sleeve shirts underneath because it was pretty cold on the ship. You decided to stop and see Dr. Phlox before  your shift started so he could give you some anti nausea medicine.

"Hello (y/n), what brings you here on this wonderful morning?" Dr.Phlox asked you with a smile as you walked into sickbay.

"I was just feeling a bit nauseous and wondered if you could give me something to help. I think it's the fact that I had a little bit of ice cream yesterday. I shouldn't have but I really had a taste for it." You explained.

"Sounds about right. I'll need to take a small bit of blood to test if your lactose intolerance has gotten any worse, just a small pinch." Dr. Phlox told you while coming towards you to get a small blood sample. Soon enough the sample was in the machine and you were just sitting and talking to Dr. Phlox.

You sat at the edge of the bed swinging your feet while listening to Dr. Phlox talk about his many pets while going around and feeding them, you had walked in just as he was about to feed them earlier.

You both were too distracted by all of the creatures to notice when the machine beeped, signaling that the sample had finished being tested. After a minute or so you finally noticed the quiet beeping the machine was making.

"I think the test is done." You told Dr. Phlox with a smile. He walked up to the monitor and started looking over the results. He read the screen for a moment then stopped, looked at you strangely, and then went back to reading the screen.

"Is everything ok?" You asked nervously, confused by the look he had given you.

"Everything's fine, I'm just a little surprised. You were not sick over your lactose intolerance, it's actually gotten less, it's almost gone in fact." He explained, leaving you with all new questions.

"What is it then? A stomach bug? Something I caught on the last away mission?" You questioned.

"Oh no, much more exciting than that!" Dr. Phlox exclaimed with a big smile. "You're pregnant!" You stared at the excited doctor for almost a minute before fully registering what he had said.

"Really?" You asked quietly in disbelief. Dr. Phlox just nodded at you while watching your reaction carefully. "Wow, that's, unexpected but exciting." You said quietly, almost to yourself.

"I'd like to schedule some appointments with you, I'm thinking every 2 weeks? Just to be safe." Dr. Phlox said while walking towards his storage room. He emerged after a few moments with a few bottles in hand.

"I have some things for you." He smiled again. "This is a stronger vitamin, here's some anti nausea medicine, and here's something to get rid of the last of that lactose intolerance. It sounds to me like you are going to be craving a lot of ice cream."

You stared at the bottles Phlox was handing you for a moment, the reality of the situation hitting you. Suddenly you leaped off the bed and walked quickly towards the door.

"I have to go tell Trip!" You exclaimed while opening the door.

"Please slow down, you need to be carful for you and the baby. Also, come see me again tomorrow. We can take an ultrasound to see how far a long you really are and set the rest of your appointments. Bring Commander Tucker with you too." Dr. Phlox said. "Also, congratulations (y/n)!"

"Thank you, I'll see you tomorrow!" You said with a smile while walking out of sickbay. Now to drop your medicines in your room and go find Trip.

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