3K 88 17

You walked towards engineering carrying a box full of extra wires and parts that Scotty had asked you to get from the bridge. Out of no where someone slammed into you and you fell backwards, the parts spilling on you in the process.

"I'm so sorry (y/n)!" a familiar voice said. You looked up to see your crush Captain Jim Kirk looking down at you. "I was reading this report and didn't see you. I'm sorry." He apologized again while reaching his hand out to help you up.

"It's alright, I was not paying attention either." You said as you took his hand and stood up blushing, you  quickly started to pick up the parts that had spilled everywhere.

"(Y/n), what happened to your arm?" Jim asked. You looked down to notice a decent sized cut on your arm.

"Must have been from one of these parts, no big deal, I'll be fine." You shrugged it off as you finished cleaning up the parts scattered in the hallway.

"Unacceptable!" Jim said suddenly, "I am walking you to sickbay right now, no exceptions."

You rolled your eyes but went with him anyway, he wouldn't even let you carry the box of parts. Once you got to sickbay Jim made you sit on a bed and went to look for Bones. Soon Bones was there grumbling about how Jim was annoying him while Jim talked about how he was worried about you. Hearing Jim worry made you blush all over again.

Bones cleaned and stitched up the cut on your arm easily, only stopping once to make Jim go wait outside. You thanked him and went to find the worried captain in the hallway.

"I'm all fixed up now, good as new." You said with a smile once you found Jim. He smiled back at you, happy to see you all better.

"Great, I already talked to Scotty and told him you won't be coming into work the rest of the day." Jim explained.

"Jim I really don't need the afternoon off, I'm fine." You tried to convince him.

"Oh I know you're fine, I'm taking you to lunch to make up for knocking you down and you have no choice but to come with me, I am the captain after all." He told you with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes at the captain before agreeing to go with him. The two of you walks toward the rec. rooms together, you blushing and Jim smirking.

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