Scotty and Bones/McCoy

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Sorry this took so long, school and a new job kinda took over my life, and I'm going to be traveling a ton this summer, but I'm hoping I can make updates more regular.

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You smiled while walking down the hallway of the Enterprise until you heard bickering up ahead.

"I think I'm the first choice!" You heard Bones declare.

"I think it's me!" Scotty spit back.

"What are you two fighting about now?" You asked while rolling your eyes. It seems like all the pair would do around you is bicker.

"Nothing." Bones said quietly. You stared back at him making it very clear that you didn't believe that.

"Exactly, were not fighting," Scotty agreed. You shot the same look at him.

"How dumb do you think I am?" You asked the pair, who immediately started rambling on about how smart they both through you were. "Oh shush, just tell me why you're fighting and I'll forgive the lying."

"Well you see..."
"The thing is...."
"We just had a minor disagreement...."
"Nothing to worry about really..."

"That literally told me nothing. Just elaborate before we're standing here all day please." You told them.

"Fine, wee were fighting about who would be your first choice to date!" Bones finally blurted out. The second he stopped talking he put his hand over his mouth and looked at Scotty in disbelief. Scotty shot back a glare of disapproval at Bones admittance.

"Now was that so hard to tell me?" You asked jokingly, trying to hide the blush that was coloring your cheeks.

"I don't know, depends on your answer," Scotty told you.

"My answer?"

"Which one of us is your first choice?" Bones asked.

"I...I don't actually know. I care a lot about each of you and I just don't think I could pick one of you over the other on the spot." You admitted, blushing even darker red now.

"It shouldn't be that hard," Scotty muttered.

"Just pick one of us," Bones added.

"I won't," you told them again.

"I'll take you to dinner," Scotty offered.

"I'll do the same."

"How about I add some stargazing to that dinner date?"

"We can watch a movie, you can pick which one."

"How about we have some nice ice cream sundaes while stargazing?"

"I think popcorn and candy will go great with our movie,don't you?"

"Enough already! I will not go on either date right now. I can't pick one of you. It's too much pressure. Why don't eh two of you just go to dinner and try to not yell at each other for a while," you finally said, cutting off the bickering.

"Join us please?" Scotty begged.

"I don't trust the two of you not to fight," you admitted.

"We won't, promise," Bones insisted.

"Go 24 hours without fighting a bit and I'll go to dinner with the two of you tomorrow. Don't think you can get out of this by not talking to each other until then either, you have to spend time together and settle your differences before I'll even think of dating either of you. My boyfriend will have to get along with my close friends now won't he?" You explained. The two men in front of you nodded slowly in agreement, you could see they were annoyed but would try and stick to your conditions regardless.

"Enjoy your dinner together, I'll see you here tomorrow, same time?" You asked with a smile. As soon as the pair nodded, more eagerly this time, you turned to walk away. "Remember," you said, looking over your shoulder, "no fighting."

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