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This is in honor of Walter Koenig's birthday today!

You had convinced the bridge crew to finally get together for a movie night. You set up the big screen and got snacks and seats set up correctly in the rec. room  and sat on a couch in the middle of the room, happily awaiting the others.

Soon everyone was in the room. Next you all had the task of choosing a movie. Everyone had different suggestions but eventually Kirk suggested a horror film. Everyone but you agreed to that, you even Spock agreed.

The horror film was playing soon and you were cuddled in a ball on the couch, huddled under a blanket. Your crush, Chekov, was sitting on the other side of the couch. When you jumped in fear for about the twentieth time Chekov scooted closer to you.

"It's not that scary." He muttered to you.

"It's terrifying!" You whispered back, leaning closer to him. Chekov scooted closer to you two and put his arm around you. You were happily cuddling him, hiding your face in his chest any time something scary popped out.

The two of you spent the rest of the movie cuddled like that, you terrified and Chekov chucking at how much you were jumping. Once the film was over everyone cleaned up a bit and started heading towards their quarters, ready to go to bed after a fun movie night.

You, however, were terrified to even walk to your room alone, yet alone go to sleep. Horror movies always messed with you. You started walking out of the room with Chekov and, luckily, your room was on the way to his. Once you reached your room you both stopped to say goodnight.

"Goodnight (y/n)!" Chekov said with a smile.

"Night." You mumbled back. The Russian had already walked a few feet away before you called his name.

"Vhat iz it?" He asked confused.

"Uh, could you uh stay with me? I don't think be able to sleep alone." You told him honestly.

"Sure, I'll protect you." Chekov said while walking back to your door. The two of you entered your quarters and Chekov turned on the light. Soon both of you had washed up and were ready for bed. You climbed into bed and waited for the Chekov to come in.

After a moment the happy Russian walked in, turned off the light, and climbed into bed next to you. Chekov wrapped his arms around you slowly, waiting for your reaction. You moved closer to him, happy he was there to protect you. Both of you slept good that night even though you were usually haunted by scary movies.

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