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You walked into the arboretum with a new book loaded onto your PADD. You loved sitting and reading with the beautiful plants all around you and the fresh smell of flowers heavy in the air.

Walking to the back corner of the room you ducked into your spot. You had made a comfortable corner filled with pillows and blankets surrounded by some of your favorite plants and you loved to sit there. Once you were seated in your corner you heard the familiar voice of Hikaru Sulu. You knew he loved the arboretum as much as you did and had often crossed paths with him while walking in or out. You had developed a small, no, a big crush on him.

You settled into your corner and started to read, at some point you started sneezing, probably over one of the new plants, but soon you were back to your book as your allergies calmed down.

Hikaru had heard the sneezing and was trying to find you. He knew you often went into the arboretum to just relax but he could never find you in there despite it being a relatively small place. He figured you must have been the source of the notice and set out in a search of the place.

In the meantime, you had fallen asleep in your little corner, happily among the plants that reminded you of your mothers gardens at home.

After at least an hour Sulu was ready to give up on finding you in the arboretum, thinking you must have left while he was searching. He stopped to admire one of the new plants and tripped over a hose left stretched over the pathway. He braced himself for a hard landing, only to land on a pillow. Looking around Sulu saw you along with lots of pillows and blankets.

Realizing he had found your secret hiding spot Sulu was ready to celebrate but before he started cheering he noticed you had fallen asleep there. He knew sleeping on the floor of the arboretum could not be comfortable, no matter how many blankets and pillows you had around you.

Hikaru slowly picked you up and walked out of the arboretum, deciding to bring you to your quarters. As he walked you work up and looked at the man carrying you bridal style, thinking you must be dreaming.

"Hikaru?" You asked almost inaudibly.

"Yes (y/n), you fell asleep, I'm taking you to your quarters." He said with a smile looking down at you. You mumbled a thank you before you started to drift off to sleep. You barley remembered Hikaru putting you on your bed and kissing your forehead before leaving your quarters. You fell into a deep sleep and dreamed about the sweet man who had brought you home that night.

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