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Sorry that this one is short, it's just one I came up with. Comment or message me with requests!

"It's really not that hard Pav." You told your boyfriend Pavel while trying to help him study for his test tomorrow. The two of you had been dating for almost a year at the academy since you started helping Pavel with his homework.

"That's vhat you think." He muttered before staring back at his PADD in front of him. You giggled a little at his grumpy face. He looked up at you as if to ask what was so funny.

"Don't worry about it, just focus on your work." You told him with a smile.

"But focusing on you iz so much more fun." Pavel told you with a smile. You laughed at him this time, knowing he was trying to flatter you to get out of studying.

"You still need to study if you want to pass this test." You said in a softer voice this time, getting tired of studying too. You turned to grab your PADD and when you turned back Pavel pulled you into a kiss.

"Ve can study tomorrow morning, now ve're going to order dinner and have a nice night." He smiled while packing up his belongings that were scattered on the table. You did the same and stood up, walking to the door of the rec. room you had been attempting to study in.

Pavel took your hand and pulled you towards his room. As soon as the two of you made it Pavel pulled out his PADD and ordered some food.

You when over to his dresser and stole form of his comfy pajama pants and a t shirt before going to the bathroom and changing out of your uniform. You got a blanket and sat on the tv before searching through movies, not knowing what to pick.

"Let's vatch a disney movie" Pavel said as he walked up with the food. You jumped in surprise at his voice and also got confused when he had gotten the food, you must have totally missed it. You shrugged it off before putting on Up, it was one of Pavel's favorites.

Pavel sat down next to you and smiled before handing you a few pieces of pizza. You smiled back at him and started to watch the movie. This was a much better way to spend your Friday night.

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