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"This ship is a piece of junk!" You exclaimed after be third pipe broke that day.

"Don't you say that about my ship!" Scotty yelled at you. "She's only mean to you because you don't love her. She needs tender care." He explained to you.

"Yeah sure tender care will fix the broken pipes right away." You said sarcastically. Scotty rolled his eyes at you.

"No, tender care won't magically fix the pipes but you sure can." He said while gesturing to the pipe that had just broken.

You grumbled to yourself while going over and fixing the pipe. The rest of the day was spent fixing all the little problems with the ship.

"Is that all for today?" You asked Scotty at the end of your shift.

"Not quite." He muttered. "You need to apologize." He told you.

"For what?"

"You insulted the ship and she deserves and apology." He said.

"So not only is the ship a she now I need to say sorry?" You asked both annoyed and confused.

"Yes, now say sorry."

"The ship does not deserve a sorry, "she" is a piece of junk!" You exclaimed.

"You take that back." Scotty told you.

"I'd rather not." You replied.

"Apologize now, you need to respect the ship you work on." Scotty demanded.

"Make me!" You said back. You were locking in a staring fight with Scotty when suddenly Chekov burst into the room.

"Mester Scott I need your help." He called out.

"What is it?" Scotty asked him, not braking eye contact with you.

"A pipe burst on D deck, there's hot steam coming out." Chekov explained.

"I'll go fix it." You said before grabbing your tools and leaving. As soon as the pipe was fixed you went back to engineering to see Scotty still there.

"You still owe an apology." He told you ask you walked in.

"You know I won't." You explained.

"I know, how about you go to dinner with me to make up for it lass?" Scotty asked.

"I'd like that". You told him with a smile before walking out of engineering with Scotty, heading out to dinner. "She's still a piece of junk." You told him.

"At least you called her she." Scotty said with a smile.

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