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Star Trek The Next Generation by gbow1999
Star Trek The Next Generationby Gbow1999
I felt my heart beat speed up as I walked through the corridor and towards my future. I held my breath as I stopped in front of the door and waited for entry inside. Soo...
(Star Trek) The Lieutenant  by gbow1999
(Star Trek) The Lieutenant by Gbow1999
She was every bit her brother's sister. Having grown up being raised by him, she spent most of her life trying to become a star fleet officer. It was her dream to one da...
The Beginning... by IronSpideyHulk
The Beginning...by IronSpideyHulk
Lillian K. Kirk is much like her brother, James T. Kirk, but she is also incredibly different. After choosing to go and join Starfleet, Lily and Jim go on an adventure w...
reverence. s by veracrynns
reverence. sby ༄aurora
reverence | "adventure is written in the stars" [star trek: the reboot] [spock x femme!oc]
Commander by food_fly_books
Commanderby food_fly_books
The story of Spock's sister, and her time aboard the Enterprise.
Space Isn't Just Darkness by JokeWasOnMe
Space Isn't Just Darknessby Jokester
" Did you know your eyes give you away?" " Would it be rude to suggest that yours do the same?" Ferris Kirk is none other than James Kirk's twin s...
Vulcan Lavender by HauntedToast
Vulcan Lavenderby Lane
There are many ailments, viruses, and diseases from space and alien worlds that one can contract aboard the Starship Enterprise. The medical bay has seen almost all of t...
✴DOUBT✴ // Jim Kirk [3] by CallMeDeDe404
✴DOUBT✴ // Jim Kirk [3]by DeDe
Sequel to TRUST Things are back to normal again, well as normal as you can get on The Enterprise. Married life is great for Eleanor and Jim, but he's feeling lost when...
Polyamory | Star Trek (Spirk x OC) by Jayden_The_Enby_Boi
Polyamory | Star Trek (Spirk x OC)by Jason T. Winters
James T. Kirk was confident in his path in life. Just one more year in the academy and he'd graduate and be a captain in no time. But, while he still can, he was gonna h...
Tumbling Walls (A Spock love story) by salvatore2015
Tumbling Walls (A Spock love story)by Kit_Kat
Spock oc story. Need I say more?! It's Katherina Whitlock's 1st year at Star Fleet Academy, the prestigious university for aspiring minds. Secrets will be revealed, fri...
I AM JIM - Spock/Kirk Story by mateapejic17
I AM JIM - Spock/Kirk Storyby Matea Pejic
Her father died at the day of her birth, her mother left her, her brother left, she was sent to Tarsus where she experienced the worst trauma of her life and now she has...
A Child of Two Worlds [Spock] by Whovian3135
A Child of Two Worlds [Spock]by ғᴀɴɢɪʀʟ
T'Mar is one of a kind. Or so she thought. Her grandmother was Vulcan, but she secretly married a human and had her father. Her father married a Vulcan women and they ha...
Star Trek One Shots by hey_there_delilah21
Star Trek One Shotsby Delilah
This is just a random compilation of one shots and reader inserts from the original Star Trek and Next Generation characters. There might end up being a few Enterprise c...
Part Vulcan by project_paperclip7
Part Vulcanby You look like Robin Williams...
"Hello, how may I help you gentlemen?" Kirk smiled, charmingly. "My friend here was just wondering who your...." "Who your bond mate is?" S...
Unbounded by Time(A Leonard McCoy Love Story) by Lil_Mizaster
Unbounded by Time(A Leonard McCoy...by A. R. Houston
©2017_ARHoustonsProblem Anastasiya was the what people considered the 'Perfect Girl'. The perfect girl with a perfect younger brother. Admired for her success and in...
Oneshots, imagines, and ideas, oh my! *discontinued* by HowDULL
Oneshots, imagines, and ideas, oh...by Ann
As the title says. *Rating of Mature applies only to set imagines that will be specified*
The Different Girl by flavoredcatlollypop
The Different Girlby Miss Antarctica
Spock x Reader. I do not own Star Trek.
Star Trek One shots by AGeekyGirl303
Star Trek One shotsby AGeekyGirl
Just a few x reader oneshots about you and various members of the crew from the U.S.S Enterprise💕. Some longer than others. -Bones -Scotty -Chekov -Spock -Kirk -Khan
To Serve a Vulcan by Dragon-slayer343
To Serve a Vulcanby Dragon-slayer343
Asil, a Dvinsu who left Vulcan when she was young and met James Kirk, joins starfleet and ends up aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Where she meets Spock, and ends up going...
The Custodian (Star Trek Fanfic) by project_paperclip7
The Custodian (Star Trek Fanfic)by You look like Robin Williams...
A certain cat loving red demon gets blasted into Star Trek and decided to flip things around. "Why are you here in the first place?" Leo whispered as Uhura sta...