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Destined | Christopher Pike by victoriat90
Destined | Christopher Pikeby victoriat90
"Do you believe that our future is set in stone?" Christopher asked. She tore her gaze away from the fire that was warming the room up and at him. "That'...
STARSTRUCK | Jim Kirk by somekindofstardust
STARSTRUCK | Jim Kirkby somekindofstardust
"you changed him, noah" - in which a playboy changes for the girl of his dreams [star trek reboots] [jim kirk x oc] [book one of one]
Baby on Board (Star Trek Agere) by deuce_tiberius
Baby on Board (Star Trek Agere)by Deuce
Nearly every crewman on the USS Enterprise was aware of their captain's status as a little, and Doctor McCoy being his legal caregiver. But no one aboard, aside from the...
Vulcan Lavender by HauntedToast
Vulcan Lavenderby Lane
There are many ailments, viruses, and diseases from space and alien worlds that one can contract aboard the Starship Enterprise. The medical bay has seen almost all of t...
Among the Elite by ChloeReds
Among the Eliteby C. C. Red
Amaranta Spade is a half Human, half Vulcan and an acting Lieutenant Commander with Starfleet. The young Vulcan being the Department head for Xenolinguistics at the Acad...
Star Trek One shots by AGeekyGirl303
Star Trek One shotsby AGeekyGirl
Just a few x reader oneshots about you and various members of the crew from the U.S.S Enterprise💕. Some longer than others. -Bones -Scotty -Chekov -Spock -Kirk -Khan
Star Trek: Psychic Connection (Female ReaderXSpock) by AmaRue7
Star Trek: Psychic Connection (Fem...by AmmyRue
You were raised on Earth like a normal child. But for some reason you have psychic powers and very odd styled ears. When you finally decides to go off on your own, your...
Vulcan Manipulation by PowerPeach
Vulcan Manipulationby PowerPeach
The Nadariean people are the minorities compared to the Vulcan race. They are meant to follow the Vulcan they are paired with orders. If they don't they get punished. Th...
My Prince (Spock x reader) by SpockFangirl
My Prince (Spock x reader)by Spock Fangirl
You are the princess of the Human kingdom, and to help improve relations, have been betrothed to Prince Spock of the Vulcan kingdom who you have never met. Not only is h...
Fight For You {Spock Fanfiction} by SnowLepurrd
Fight For You {Spock Fanfiction}by Kat
(Kelvin Timeline) (Spock X OC) (Content Warning: Contains violence. Viewer discretion is advised.) Toree and Spock have been best friends since the beginning. They were...
Two Kirks And A Vulcan by DoctorGiles
Two Kirks And A Vulcanby DoctorGiles
On a routine mission to Earth to pick up new recruits, Bones and Spock, along with the rest of the Enterprise crew are stunned when one of the newest members is Kirk's y...
Star Trek Reader Inserts by KobayashiMarue
Star Trek Reader Insertsby Mari
I kinda like doing these reader insert/one shot things so I thought to give this a try. Complete! Guys it's time...Book 2 in the works
Tish Hokni'es Kwi'shoret // Spirk by PeaceAndLongLife
Tish Hokni'es Kwi'shoret // Spirkby - ̗̀ c ̖́-
Spock's eight and it is his time to be betrothed, but his mind refuses to be bonded as he already has a T'hy'la. Light years away, Jim Kirk suffers from chronic headache...
Eyes of the soul by kasey_zahhak
Eyes of the soulby Adam Dragonis
What happens when serissa starts getting feelings for her vulcan commander? What will she do to stop it? Or will she follow her feelings and confess to him before she's...
Show Me How To Love You by IAmImmortality
Show Me How To Love Youby Ian
After a (very) drunken night of sex, an accidental bond is formed between Spock and Leonard. Jim becomes a confidant, but is sometimes too annoying to bear. How long wil...
Remember Me? by CumberbatchFan
Remember Me?by Scotty
A sequel to "The Man Out of Time."
Still Around (James T Kirk X Reader) by ItsAbandoned
You and Jim have been long time lovers but the two of you have a argument and after a terrible incident Jim realizes what an idiot he was. P.S I am terrible at summaries...
Spock One-Shots by VincentsVan
Spock One-Shotsby anxiety_queen
Just a bunch of cute Spock one-shots I have thought up. I am open to requests! I (unfortunately) do not own any of the characters or Star Trek in general. Please like an...