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You walked into the grocery store holding your year old son. The whole crew had some time off on earth, and your friend Jim Kirk had been spending a good amount of time with you and your son. You thought it was great to have such a strong guy who could be a part of Jason's life since his father had been killed when he was a few months old.

"Thank you for coming with me, Jason just gets so fussy sometimes it's hard to shop alone," you told Kirk.

"No problem, I like going with you two," he replied while grabbing a cart. The two of you walked around the store, taking turns putting things in the cart.

"Jimmy, is that you?" you heard behind you before turning around.

"Lisa?" Kirk asked while a smile.

"It is you! Oh it's great to see you!" The lady said while walking up and hugging Kirk.

"You too! (Y/n) this is my cousin Lisa, Lisa this is my-"

"Your wife? And you have a kid? Look at you Jimmy!" She exclaimed, cutting Jim off.

"No, we aren't-" you started

"And what is this little cuties name?" Lisa asked while looking at your son.

"This is Jason," you told her.

"Oh he's just adorable," she said.

"Thank you,"

"So, Lisa, how have you been?" Kirk asked, trying to change the subject.

"I've been great, though obviously not as good as you. We'll have to catch up another time, I've got to go. Congrats on the marriage and baby!" She said before quickly turning and leaving.

"That was crazy," you said quickly after the left.

"You've got that right," Kirk started, "we should get going, I've got to call my family and tell them I'm not married with a small child."

"Good plan," you replied. The two of you had soon finished shopping faster than you ever had before.

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