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You smiled down at your PADD, looking through the newest 3D Snapchat filters. Suddenly a new picture popped up.

You realized it was your crush, Kirk, and smiled brightly before opening the image and reading the caption.

"Should I tell her?" It read. You stared at it confused and sent back a picture of your confused face with some question marks.

Soon Kirk responded explains that the message had been going to Bones, but he accidentally sent it to you instead.

You brushed it off but wondered what he had been talking about, tell who what?

Later that day you walked on to the bridge and heard Bones and Kirk bickering. Kirk had his back to you and obviously did not hear you come in.

"Just tell her!" Bones yelled.

"It's not that easy!" Kirk yelled back.

"Practice on me, just do it," Bone suggested, Kirk took a deep breath before starting to talk.

"Uh well to start I've liked you for a while now, I just didn't know how to tell you. I've tried but then I look at you and I get all distracted and forget the words I wanted to say and ultimately none of them come out right. So uh, I guess, (y/n), I want you to go out with me. I didn't accidentally send that message to you earlier, I hopped you would question t and I would have to admit my feelings for you, by your too nice to question me that much."

You stood behind Kirk with your mouth wide opens, not believing he actually liked you back.

"See that wasn't so bad?" Bones teased.

"No but how do I say all that to (y/n)?" Kirk asked.

"You already did my friend," Bones said with a laugh while pointing back at you. You immediately blushed red as Kirk slowly turned around looking terrified.

"How long have you been there?" He asked quietly.

"Long enough," you answered with a small smile. "I'd love to, by the way."

"What?" He asked.

"I'd love to go out with you," you responded with a smile.

"Really, oh wow uh so how about dinner, tonight maybe at like uh how about 6?" Kirk asked, stumbling over his words a bit.

"That sounds great," you replied with a smile before walking off the bridge, you had a dinner to get ready for after all.

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