Kirk Christmas Special- Part 3

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You were sitting on the bridge when Kirk called your comm.

"(Y/n), come to engineering please."

"On my way Captain," you said while walking off the bridge. You hummed a Christmas song to yourself while you walked, smiling at the small decorations people had put up along the hallways.

Nothing was as festive as the bridge, you were proud of how Christmasy it was, but the small decorations made you happy none the less.

As you walked up to engineering you could hear Scotty and Kirk talking.

"Just hold the ladder still why don't ya!" Scotty yelled at Kirk.

"I'm trying!"

"Not very hard," Scotty muttered. You stopped and giggled at the pair quietly.

"Do you think she's almost here?" Kirk asked.

"I would guess so."

"Good, when she gets here just act natural," Kirk said.

"Alrighty," Scotty responded. You could hear him walking towards you. You took a few small steps forward to make it look like you had just walked up.

"Hello Scotty," you said while walking past him into engineering.

"Hello (y/n)!" He said, putting emphasis on your name. You rolled your eyes at how "casual" he was being about your arrival before walking in to find Kirk.

He was standing under a mistletoe, holding a book a and trying to act natural.

"Hi (y/n)," he said with a smile.

"Your books upside down," you told him while giving him a questioning look. He looked down to notice he really was holding the book upside down.

"I'm testing my upside down reading skills," he told you.

"I'm sure you are," you joked back.

"I am, just casually practicing my upside down reading in this spot for no reason at all," he muttered while glancing quickly up at the mistletoe above him.

"You're a goof," you muttered at him.

"But I can be your goof," he told you with a smile. You rolled your eyes at him before leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek. You started walking back towards the bridge before he said anything.

"Wait, (y/n)!" He called after you.


"That wasn't a proper kiss."

"What did you expect? You were busy "practicing" your upside down reading," you said with a smile.

"I'll guess I'll be less busy less time," he joked back.

"Good idea."

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