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You had always loved to bake growing up. Even as home cooking became more and more uncommon you loved to bake.

Within your first few weeks at the academy you had made friends with the head chef. It turned out there was a medium sized kitchen with old classic appliances underneath the new one at the academy full of protein sequencers. The chef let you go there to bake occasionally and by your last year there he had given you your own set of keys.

Right before your finals started you were panicking and started stress baking. You just baked and baked all kinds of cookies until your boyfriend Jim Kirk came looking for you.

"Hey (y/n), I've been looking for you, what are you doing down here?" He asked while walking into the kitchen.

"I've been stress baking, my finals are just so much. I have so much pressure to do well so I can get assigned to whatever cool ship you end up captain of." You explained.

"You'll do great on your finals, probably better than me!" Kirk exclaimed. "How long have you been down here?" He added.

"I really don't know, what time is it?" You asked him.

"It's a little after five, almost time for dinner." He told you.

"Well, I gave up on calculus around 1:30, and physics around 3." You figured.

"So you haven't been here that long." Kirk said.

"Oh, no, I meant 3am, not pm." You explained.

"How have you been down here that long, and how are you awake?" Kirk asked both confused and exasperated.

"Well, it was more like 3:30 by the time I got here. I stopped for breakfast at like 5 and had lots of coffee. That wore off by around 11 I think and I fell asleep in the supply closet. I woke up around 2:30ish and have been baking since. I made different cookies for every teacher. Peanut butter for Ms. Jeruz, mint chocolate chip for Mr. Donovan and-"

"That's crazy (y/n)!" Kirk cut you off.

"It's not that crazy." You muttered. Kirk rolled his eyes at you before uniting your apron. "What are you doing?" You asked. Kirk picked up all of the bags of cookies you had on the counter.

"I'm taking you to your room to drop these off, then we are going to dinner and after that I'm making sure you go to bed. After a good night sleep we can study tomorrow and then the day after you can go ace your finals." Kirk said with a smile. You smiled back at the soon to be captain.

"That sounds good, I've been baking for quite a while." You said while walking out of the room, pulling Kirk along with you, ready to go drop off all the cookies in your room.

Sorry this one is late, it's been a long weekend. Anyone with requests please let me know!

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