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"I'll see you later stud-muffin." You said with a giggle while walking to your seat on the bridge. You were taking over for Spock at the science dead while he went on an away mission. Bones went to walk off the bridge before he heard Kirk behind him.

"Bye stud-muffin." Kirk said sweetly. Bones stopped in place and turned to glare at the captain.

"Don't call me that!" He told Kirk.

"But you let (y/n) call you that." Kirk pointed out.

"Yeah, that because I love (y/n). You don't have that luxury Kirk, don't call me that." Bones said.

"Yeah, ok then stud muffin." Kirk said with a laugh.

"I have the power to hypo you!" Bones threatened fiercely.

"Forget I said anything." Kirk said, letting Bones go back to sick bay in piece. All day whenever Bones was around him Kirk would call Bones stud muffin and you would have to hold Bones back from attacking him.

"I'm sorry I started this." You said that night after Kirk had barley not gotten punched by Bones.

"It's ok (y/n), it's cute when you call me stud muffin, I just hate when Kirk says it." Bones explained. You smiled at Bones and decided to make Kirk shut up once and for all. You walked up to the bridge looking for the captain.

"Hey Kirk." You yelled. Kirk instantly turned in fright, you never yelled at him. "I need you to stop calling Bones stud muffing before I let him hypo you." You told him in a quiet but fierce voice.

"No problem". Kirk said, scared of you for the first time ever.

"Alright, thanks Captain, have a good night!" You said in a cheery voice before walking out lien noting happened. Kirk stared at you in shock and realize he should never get on the bad side of you or Bones, you could both be pretty scary when you wanted to.

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