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You walked towards the transporter to beam down to the planet with the rest of the away team. As you entered the room you saw your boyfriend Jim Kirk standing with his back to you. You were happy to spend time with him, even if it was on an away mission.

"Hello." You said to Jim and the others while you walked up to him.

"What are you doing here?" Kirk asked while pulling you aside from the group.

"You need an engineer to go with and I was up for the job." You explained.

"Nope, not happening , find another red shirt to go." He told you. You opened your mouth to tell him no but Kirk glared at you before you said another word.

"Just let me go, you can protect me." You muttered to Kirk. He stared back at you before realizing you really wanted to go with him.

"Fine, you don't leave my side." He demanded. You nodded in a greenest and soon the entire party was beaming down to the planet. It was a tropical planet and the people there were excited to meet you, or so they said.

As soon as you approached the village in the rainforest there were shots being fired. You felt Kirk pull you behind a tree and you both started firing back at the people.

As the villagers approached you all started running towards the more clear area where you landed where they're would not be any interference from the village affecting the transporter.

Out of no where you tripped over a log and fell right on your wrist. You were sure you twisted or broke something in your arm but you got up and kept running through the pain.

"Are you alright (y/n)?" Kirk asked as he saw you get back up.

"I will be." You told him while you kept running, almost to the clearing. Soon everyone was there and you all beamed aboard the Enterprise.

"Let's get you to Bones." Kirk said while walking you to sickbay. Once you were there Bones easily wrapped up your sprained wrist in a cast and gave you a sling to wear for a day or so.

"I told you the mission was a bad idea." Kirk said once the doctor had dismissed you.

"I'm fine, you were protecting me the whole time, I just fell over nothing." You told him with a laugh, he worried too much.

"Alright but next time, send another red shirt to come with me, please?" Kirk asked.

"Sure, I'll send someone else next time." You told him while walking towards your quarters, ready for a good night sleep after the excitement of the away mission.

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