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Sorry this one is so short, the end of the semester is coming and I'm already stressing for finals so I've had less time to write.

You were laying in bed waiting for your boyfriend Chekov to join you. You were nearly asleep when he finally walked in and lied down next to you.

"Took you long enough." You muttered while cuddling closer to him.

"I know, I'm sorry." He said while wrapping his arms around you.

"Why are you so late anyway?" You asked quietly. Chekov started rambling in and on about some crazy issue with the navigation system that was due to something wrong in engineering that he ended up helping Scotty with. You didn't understand much of the technical lingo, you were a nurse not an engineer, but you enjoyed hearing him talk either way.

"That sounds difficult." You muttered, close to falling asleep.

"Only a little, it just took a wery long time." Chekov told you.

"I understand". You said through a yawn.

"Go to sleep (y/n)." Chekov told you while hugging you tighter. You were right about to fall asleep when he spoke again.

"I'll always protect you." Chekov told you.

"From what?" You asked, confused what he would be protecting you from at nearly 2 in the morning while you were trying to fall asleep.

"I don't know, anything, everything." He said. You smiled at how random yet sweet his statement was.

"That's nice, and I love you. Can we sleep now?" You asked quietly.

"Yeah, ve can." Chekov answered and you were happily asleep within a minute, smiling because of your goof of a boyfriend.

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