Trip Tucker-Part 2

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You quickly walked to your room and put away your medicine. Next you started to walk to engineering. You looked everywhere there for Trip and could not find him. You decided to check the armory next and only found Malcolm.

"Hey, do you know where Trip is?" You asked him.

"No, I haven't seen him." Malcolm said before going back to recalibrating the torpedoes. You started walking to the bridge hoping to find Trip there. You made it to the bridge and didn't see Trip, but luckily Captain Archer was there.

"Good morning Captain," you started, "have you seen Trip?"

"Last I saw him he was in engineering." The captain told you. You sighed and started to wonder where he could be.

"If you see him can you tell him I'm looking for him, please?" You asked.

"Sure thing (y/n)." The captain said with a smile.

You walked away, deciding to check your room again, maybe he had stopped in to change clothes or something. Once you got to your room you realized it was empty and you sighed again. You figured the only other major place you hadn't looked was sickbay, so you headed there.You walked into sickbay to see no one, not even the doctor.

"I'm sorry but I haven't seen (y/n) in a while." You heard Dr. Phlox say from the back room.

"Do you have any idea where she was going?" Trip asked him.

"I think I know where she was going." You said with a laugh. Trip walked out of the storage closet with a smile on his face.

"I was looking for you, I wanted to say good morning and have breakfast with you." Trip said with a smile.

"I've been looking for you too, I went almost everywhere!" You told him.

"Well now we found each other so let's go get some breakfast." Trip said, grabbing your hand and walking towards the door.

"I have to talk to you, too." You told him.

"About what?" He asked while the two of you walked towards the mess hall.

"About, uh something." You said. Trip gave you a strange look but let it go until you both made it to the mess hall. You both got food and sat down together.

"So what is it?" Trip asked, you could tell he was anxious to know.

"So I went to see Dr. Phlox this morning. I was sick this morning and I was sure it was because of the ice cream I had last night." You told him to start.

"I told you the ice cream was a bad idea." Trip added.

"The ice cream didn't make me sick." You explained.

"Then what did?" Trip asked, confusion clear on his face.

"Trip, I'm pregnant." You said suddenly. Trip stared at you for a minute before smiling brightly.

"Really?" He asked, smiling even brighter as you nodded to confirm it. Trip jumped up and hugged you, knocking down his chair in the process. Everyone turned to look at the cause of the crashing sound.

"Sorry, sorry, I just got a little excited." Trip said, blushing a little but smiling brightly all the same.

"Calm down you goof." You said to your husband as he picked up his chair.

"I'm just so happy!" He said while sitting down. The two of you happily finished your breakfast before heading off to work, both of you with huge smiles on your faces.

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