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You had been sent to sickbay after an away mission due to a bad cold you had picked up. You were very bored in sickbay and wanted to mess with Bones.

"(Y/n), I need to give you a shot to help with the coughing." Bones aid while walking into the room you were in, they put you in a room away from the others in case you developed something contagious.

"Fight me." You told Bones as he walked up with the hypo. Bones finally looked up from his PADD to see you hiding behind a fort of pillows. Bones just rolled his eyes before moving enough pillows to give you the hypo before walking out of the room. He came back a few hours later to check on you again.

You tried to say fight me again but ended up just coughing to the point where you could barley breath.

"I won't fight you because I know you'll beat me darlin." Bones told you with a smile while he gave you another hypo. Your coughing got better after that.

You built your fort up again and would tell anyone who entered the room to fight you for their right to enter. Eventually everyone but Bones gave up on even trying to enter the room.

"How are you feeling?" Bones asked while walking into your room, arms raised as if to surrender.

"I'm alright, good enough to fight you." You muttered at him from behind your pillow fort. Bones chucked at you before moving a few pillows to be able to check your vitals.

"You seem to be looking good, I'd say I can let you go tomorrow." Bones explained. You smiled but also felt a slight tinge of sadness knowing you could not dominate your pillow fort kingdom any longer.

The next morning you climbed out from all of your pillows and didn't tell the nurse to fight you when she told you that you were able to leave. Before you left the room you noticed a note on the bedside table.

Fight me at dinner tonight at 6?

You laughed at the message and smiled brightly, you would defiantly meet the doctor for dinner tonight, end if you could beat him in a fight.

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