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Sitting in Med bay had become a pastime of yours. You enjoyed spending time there with your best friend Bones when your boyfriend Spock was busy.

"Hi (y/n)," Bones said while you walked into med bay.

"Hey Bones, how's your day going?" You asked a smile.

"Ok, it's just been long, how about we get some coffee?" Bones asked. You laughed at the grumpy doctor but walked wth him to get coffee regardless.

It wasn't that far of a walk from the Med Bay to the rec room where the two of you both got coffee.

"Want to sit for a little while? I think I have time, it's been a fairly slow day," Bones offered.

"Sounds good," you told him, knowing it would be a little while at least before Spock would be off of work. You sat with Bones for a while, the two of you talked about everything from work to the crazy stories you had from being in the academy with Kirk. Before you knew it it had been nearly an hour and the two of you decided to return to Med Bay.

Walking into Med Bay you heard a familiar voice questioning a nurse.

"Where did they go?" You're boyfriend Spock asked.

"I'm sorry but I'm not sure sir," the nurse quickly said.

"Where who went?" Spock turned around quickly at the sound of your voice. In just a moment he had walked up to Bones who was beside you and Vulcan nerve pinched him. "What was that for?"

"It was the correct course of action," Spock told you.

"That doesn't tell me why you did it."

"He was out with you for a long time from what I've heard," Spock explained.

"Are you jealous?" You asked with a small smile.

"I could not experience such an emotion," Spock insisted.

"You were jealous! I can't believe it, my Spock, jealous!" You said while laughing.

"What happened?" Bones asked groggily from the floor while waking up slowly.

"Spock here got jealous and nerve pinched you," you explained.

"The green blooded hob goblin did this?" Bones muttered while standing up.


"Wow. I knew he liked you but didn't realize it was this much. I'm not trying to steal (y/n) Spock. We're like siblings," Bones explained with a small smirk. You could tell the doctor was super amused despite being in a bit of pain from passing out and hitting the ground.

"I do not feel threatened by you doctor, I know how (y/n) feels about me," Spock started, "(y/n), may I accompany you to dinner now?"

"I would love that," you told him with a small laugh again. As soon as you finished speaking Spock offered you his arm and walked you out of the room. Who would have throughly your Vulcan could get so jealous.

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