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You were sitting the the lab writing a report when you needed a plant sample on the counter to your right. You spun around in your chair and realized it squeaked. You found the noise funny so you spun around again, the plant sample forgotten.

You realized you had to get back to work and tried to, the squeaking chair was just too much fun in the end. Every minute or so you would turn in the chair making a loud squeak go through the lab.

For a while the squeaking was not often enough to be annoying but as you got more into your work you started turning in your chair more, almost subconsciously.

"Is it necessary for you to be turning in your chair (y/n)?" A voice asked form behind you. You turned to see Spock staring at you, you had forgotten he was even in the lab.

"Oh uh no I'm sorry, I'll stop." You said with a blush. The silence lasted for about five minutes before you were so into your work that you started turning the chair without realizing it again.

"(Y/n), you're doing it again." Spock announced. You stopped once again, blushing bright red. This time you tried really hard not to turn and squeak the chair.

It was over a half hour before you got so focused on your work that you started to sway in your chair again and the frustrating squeaking started once again. Out of nowhere your chair was spun around then stopped suddenly. You looked up to see Spock standing over you. He had spun your chair around to look at you.

"Please stop turning in your chair, I find that noise breaks my concentration." He told you.

"I'm sorry, I really don't mean to spin in my chair, it happens when I concentrate too much." You explained while blushing again. Spock looked at you for a moment.

"Fascinating. I never thought the cause of the noise would be a subconscious movement." Spock said before suddenly moving back to his desk. He wheeled his chair over to you. "Sit in my chair". He told you. You complied, very confused at his motives.

Spock studied you for a moment before spinning you around once. The chair didn't squeak at all while you spun.

"Problem solved." Spock said before pushing your chair to his desk. You smiled at him and scooted over to your desk. You worked on your report happily spinning around as much as you wanted with no squeak to annoy the Vulcan sitting behind you.

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