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This is for everyone who has finals before winter break, good luck!

You were sitting in your dorm at Starfleet Academy studying for your finals. You had been working for hours and you were very overwhelmed and sleep deprived by this point. Suddenly a knock on the door  made you jump.

"(Y/n), you there?" You heard your boyfriend Jim Kirk ask though the door.

"Yeah." You called back while walking up to the door and opening it.

"Good," Kirk started while walking into the room, "I've got dinner, coffee, a snack for later, a movie for while we eat and if you look at your PADD I sent you the new instrumental music you wanted for while you studied."

"You're the best boyfriend ever." You told him as you closed the door and started moving your books off your desk so you could sit and eat.

"I've got it babe, just sit down and take a breather!" Kirk demanded while moving everything off your desk carefully.

You sat down on your bed and smiled as your boyfriend moved all of your books and notes off your desk carefully.

"Don't you have some exams to study for too?" You asked him suddenly.

"I took all but one early because my science professor needs an aid to help finalize a few grades during testing." Kirk explained before getting out the food he had brought you and setting it out on your desk, he had gotten your favorite.

"I'm so glad I have you, these exams will be the death of me." You told him.

"Don't worry, you will do amazing on all of your exams." Kirk told you, no doubt evident in his voice. You could see how confident he was in you.

"I hope so."  You said before sitting next to him and starting to eat. The two of you ate while watching the movie Kirk had brought.

"So, what are we studying first?" He asked when the movie was over.  You handed him your math textbook and notes with an annoyed look.

"Why must exams exist?" You asked while Kirk looked over your notes briefly.

"To show you're learning, now grab a pice of paper, I'll give you an equation." Kirk told you with a smile. You smiled back at how he was there to help you before listening to him.

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