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The crew had decided to stop for a much needed break on a beautiful planet full of white sand beaches. People were to go down in different groups, some people had to stay back and run the ship at all times.

Your boyfriend Spock and gotten chosen for the first group, but you could not go down until the second group. This made you grumpy but you had some of your best friends on board, Chekov and Sulu, in your group.

"Are you sure you have everything?" You asked Spock as he got ready to beam down. 

"I have everything I should need (y/n). Do not worry so much, it is illogical," he told you before waving goodbye and beaming down. You tried to listen to his advice but worried a little bit all the same.

The next day after your shift you walked into your room and was shocked to see Spock yelling on the couch.

"Are you alright, you weren't supposed to be back for another 3 days," you said, concerned and confused.

"I seem to have gotten distracted meditating on the beach and been sunburned," he explained.

You rolled up his sleeves to see he had been sun burned badly. You rolled your eyes before going and getting the aloe you had told Spock to being with him, he felt it was illogical, he knew how long he could be in the sun.

"I guess you didn't pack everything, take off your shirt," you told him with a laugh. He looked at you unamused but listened. His torso was as red as a lobster. "Of all the times you could decided to not wear a shirt," you muttered while carefully putting aloe on your sunburned boyfriend.

"There is some interesting news as a result of my accident," Spock said suddenly.

"And what might that be?"

"I can do the work I was supposed to do while you were gone in the next few days, then we can go on shore leave together."

"That's good, I can be there to make sure you put sunscreen on next time," you said.

"That will be rather helpful." You laughed to yourself at Spock, who would have though the smartest person you knew would forget something so simple as putting on sunscreen.

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