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I'm honestly amazing with how this book is found, I know I've been thanking you all for every major milestone and lately I feel like I've been thanking you every chapter!  So thank you for being amazing readers overall!

Bones was not the only doctor on the ship, but he often got called in at random hours for severe cases, or when he was requested.

You were up finishing some paperwork in your boyfriend, Bones, office. Hearing yelling outside the room, you walked out to see Kirk with several clear injuries.

"I'm fine!" He yelled at the crewman who helped him into med bay. "Just let me go to my room and sleep!"

"Hey, it's alright Jim, we'll get you cleaned up fast," you reassured him.

"Not acceptable, Bones will do the least amount of work the fastest, I want him to do it," Kirk told you.

"Bones is asleep in our room, he's not coming to patch you up, I'll do that," you replied. 

"No, I want Bones to come do it, he won't give me as many hypos, please!" Jim begged, you figured the pain was getting to him because he never begged like that.

"Alright fine," you told him before calling Bones, it took three tries for him to answer but when he did he agreed to come help patch up Kirk.

Less than 5 minutes later Bones walked into med bay in his pajamas with severe bed head, and looking even more grumpy than usual.

"Hey babe, thanks for coming to help, he wouldn't let me work in him," you explained.

"That's ok, you're not the one who refused treatment and made me get out of bed at this time," he replied glaring at Kirk. "I guess I better go patch him up."

It didn't take that long for Bones to patch Kirk up, and Kirk had been wrong. Bones had given him an extra hypo in the end for making Bones get out of bed.

When Kirk was all cared for and willing to let the nurses just watch over him for the night Bones turned to walk back to your room.

"Wait, I'll come with you," you told him. You hadn't finished all your paperwork but at this point it was ale enough that you didn't care.

"Alright, hurry please, I'm tired," Bones replied. You quickly grabbed the stack of peppers out of your office, hoping work in them in the morning before work, and caught up with Bones before the two of you walked out of the room.

You made it to your room pretty quickly considering how tired the two of you were. Bones walked straight to the bed once in your room and was a sleep almost instantly. You laughed at him before taking a quick shower and putting in pajamas. You crawled into bed beside Bones and he quickly put his arms around you. You smiled at him and fell right to sleep as well.

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