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"This is a bad idea." You told your best friend Pavel as you walked towards engineering. He was trying to convince you to ask Scotty to have dinner with you. You had liked Scotty from the first day you walked into engineering to hear him grumbling about how much he had to do.

"No, it iz a good idea, just go talk to him!" Pavel insisted. As soon as he walked into engineering you turned and ran in the other direction. You were sprinting down the hall and turned back to see if Pavel was following and ran into someone.

"Oh my, lass are you alright?" A familiar voice asked from above you. You looked up from the ground where you had fallen to see a concerned Scotty looking at you. 

"I'm alright." You said while standing up and blushing, embarrassed you had run into him.

"(Y/n)! Vhere did you go? You can't run avay from Scotty forever!" You heard Pavel shout from down the hall. If possible you blushed even more while turning to try and signal to Pavel to shut up.

"I really think he would love to have dinner vith you (y/n)." Pavel said as he turned the corner and finally saw you. He smiled at you before his face turned to one of horror as he saw Scotty standing behind you.

"Vhat vas that Keptin?" He said slowly, trying to pretend to hear Captain Kirk to try to get away from you, seeing how angry and embarrassed you were.

"Don't you try to pull that with me Pavel!" You yelled at him while running towards him, he took off sprinting away with you hot on his tail.

You chased him all around the floor before finally catching him when he accidentally ran into a dead end corner.

"Why would you be yelling about that Pavel?" You asked once you cornered him. Chekov sighed before looking at you.

"How vas I supposed to know he vas there?" He tried to say in defense but you just stared at him exasperated.

"You know how afraid I was to talk to him and before know he knows how I feel! How can I have a normal conversation with him now? Oh gosh how will I work with him and pretend I'm not super embarrassed and afraid and.."

"Lass you don't need to worry 'bout that." Scotty said, startling you. You slowly turned around to look at him, blushing deep red once again.

"If be honored to have dinner with you (y/n). I've actually liked you for a while now. I'm glad tha' Russian opened his big mouth." Scotty told you with a chuckle. Pavel paused to look offended for a moment but then smiled at the two of you.

"How about rec. room 5 at 6 tonight?" You asked, happy that Scotty felt the same way about you.

"I'll be there. Also, take the afternoon off, I think I interrupted you from yelling at Chekov, don't beat him up lass." Scotty walked away, chuckling to himself again. You turned to Pavel and punched him in the arm before smiling at him and mumbling a thank you. He rubbed his arm and looked at you like you were crazy but Pavel was still happy his mistake worked out .

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