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"Just ask him to go to the movie with you (y/n)!" Your brother Trip Tucker yelled at you while the two of you walked through engineering.

"No, you know Captain Archer doesn't like me Trip!" You yelled back while trying to get to work.

"Just ask him!" Trip yelled while walking away. You started working on recalibrating a malfunctioning control panel while your brother went to find the captain.

Trip had walked up to Captain Archers room and rang the bell.

"Come in!" The captain yelled at the door. Trip walked in with a big smile. "Hey Trip, what brings you here?" Captain Archer asked.

"I wanted to talk to you about (y/n)." Trip said with a big smile.

"What about?" Archer asked nervously.

"You should ask her out, I know you like her." He said with a smirk.

"Psh what where did you get that idea from?" Archer asked with a nervous chuckle. Trip gave him a look to show he knew Archer was lying so Archer gave in. "Ok you're right but it's obvious she does not like me." Archer explained. Trip just laughed at the captain, feeling a sense of déjà vu.

"I but you're wrong, just ask her out ok? The movie night would be perfect". Trip said with a smirk before leaving the room. Archer walked out a moment later, deciding to go find (y/n).

You had been working in engineering in the meantime and were currently laying under a control panel, trying to fix some incorrectly placed wires.

"Hi (y/n)!" Someone said causing you to hit your head and yelp before sliding out from under the panel holding your head. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Captain Archer said from above you.

"It's alright," you said while standing up, "what brings you down here?"

"I actually came to talk to you, I wanted to uh ask you something." Archer explained.

"I wanted to ask you something too, what a coincidence." You replied. Both of you silently stared at each other waiting to see who would talk first.

"Would you like to go to the movie with me?" The two of you suddenly asked at the same time. Both of you dissolved into a fit of laughter at that point.

Once the two of you had stopped laughing you smiled at each other.

"I guess you will go with me to the movie then". Archer said, chuckling slightly.

"I guess so." You smiled at him.

"How about I pick you up at your quarters at 5:30, we can have dinner and then make it to the movie at 7?" Archer suggested.

"That sounds good, I'll see you then." You told him with a big smile before both of you went to go back to work.

Trip was sitting at his desk watching the whole thing on the security cameras. He couldn't be happier one of his best friends and his sister were dating, they were perfect for each other.

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