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Walking through the hallways you smiled at the small tribble in your hand. You were headed for the lab, sad to give the little creature up but knowing that Spock was studying them.

You walked up to the lab and quietly entered, still paying attention to the little ball of fluff in your hands.

"You really are interesting," you heard Spock say, causing you to jump. You walked slowly into the lab to see Spock holding a tribble with his back to you. Before you could say anything Spock spoke again. "I'm quite perplexed by you creatures, you seem to have a calming effect on most of the crew."

You stayed quite and watched Spock speak to the little tribble with a smile on your face, who knew he could be so talkative to a cute little creature like that.

"Uh, Spock?" You asked after a moment, not wanting him to realize you had walked in and stopped to watch him.

"Oh hello (y/n)," he said while turning around, "I see you've brought me another tribble."

"Yes I did, I found this little guy just sitting in the hallway, I thought he could be better taken care of here."

"That is a correct observation," Spock agreed before taking the tribble from your hands gently.

"They really are cute little things aren't they," you said with a smile at all of the little balls of fluff in a holding container in the room.

"They do have an interesting calming effect," Spock told you.

"That they do, well, I'll let you get back to your research. Let me know of you need any help," you told Spock before turning towards the door.

"Of course, thank you (y/n)," he said. You were almost out the door when you heard him whisper almost to himself. "Why are these little things so cute?"

The door behind you had barely closed when you burst into giggles at the confused Vulcan, who would have high even he would find the little tribbles cute, or that he would ask them why they were so cute in the first place.

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