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Shrink by am_erica_
Shrinkby am_erica_
In a world full of explosions, there's not much space for quiet. (Lance Sweets)
Zack Addy x reader by Brendonluv
Zack Addy x readerby BOIIII
I love Bones, I Love zack, and there are barely any x readers for him so i decided to take it into my own hands. These are all based before and after Gormegon, this book...
The Squinterns by names_are_hard
The Squinternsby names_are_hard
Caroline Richie was always THAT kid. She graduated from high school at 16 years old, and became and agents of several different government agencies. But she wanted to do...
BONES-NADIA HODGINS by clarktravis624
BONES-NADIA HODGINSby clarktravis624
Nadia Hodgins is the younger sister of Jack Hodgins and is in her first years out of college and working at the Jeffersonian Institute. She works alongside her brother a...
Bones Sister // Jack Hodgins  by NaomiTheWriterr
Bones Sister // Jack Hodgins by Naomi
Naomi Brennan is Dr. Temperance Brennan's sister. She gets called in when her sister finally gets stumped on a case. While on the case she meets Jack Hodgins... the case...
Fandom One Shots by Deathdujour
Fandom One Shotsby QueenofNeverland
Collection of small one shots about various fandoms. Criminal Minds, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Hawaii5-0, The Originals, Star Trek, Supernatural, The...
Bones Imagines by FanFicWarrior
Bones Imaginesby Mckayla
Typical Imagines, but to the bones tv show.
✴TRUST✴  // Jim Kirk [2] by LadyLion63
✴TRUST✴ // Jim Kirk [2]by DeDe
Sequel to ✴GUESS✴ "Do you still trust me Eleanor?" "With my life James." Eleanor and Jim have fallen into a nice routine, life has never been better...
Since I've Been Gone... (A Bones/Zack Addy FanFiction) [IN EDITING] by ObscureOphelia
Since I've Been Gone... (A Bones/ Maddee Ophelia
Georgie has just arrived at the Jeffersonian in DC after being recommended there. She soon reunites with her best friend Zack as they catch up, realize things, and get i...
✴GUESS✴ // Jim Kirk [1] by LadyLion63
✴GUESS✴ // Jim Kirk [1]by DeDe
"You said you "would have been" good at Xenolinguistics." "Yes." "So you're not studying it?" "Nope." "I...
The Man in the Ditch (a Bones story) by gracethefantastic
The Man in the Ditch (a Bones gracethefantastic
Brennan and Booth are going on with their cases as normal...or so they think. When multiple connected murders are involved, things can get pretty tricky, especially when...
Disproving Calculations - Part 1 by Padda95
Disproving Calculations - Part 1by Illayana
About the growing love between a genius and an almost normal person. ...
The Smart Princess by KrazyLestrange
The Smart Princessby _emotions_are_wack_
*SLOW UPDATES* (Bones fanfiction) Rhosyn Evette Czarina. Odd name for and odd girl. She was extremely smart. She went through college at age 7. That was really young. Sh...
Star Trek Reader Inserts 2 by Whovian3135
Star Trek Reader Inserts 2by ғᴀɴɢɪʀʟ
[COMPLETED] The second book in my Star Trek Reader Inserts. All of these will be appropriate, maybe some jokes about some inappropriate things, but nothing too bad at a...
STAR TREK IMAGINES  by LiveLongAndProsper3
just some random Star Trek imagines mostly original series and next generation Characters I write are Spock Kirk Data Riker McCoy/bones Q Wesley Picard Chekov...
Grave: Savage Crows MC Book Twelve by tosmith
Grave: Savage Crows MC Book Twelveby T.O. Smith
Final book in the series! ***** G R A V E She's a professional grave digger. Normally, that kind of thing would put me off, but she's hot as hell. And just as dangerous...
A Pirates Kiss: Sunken Treasures by iluvdaisychain
A Pirates Kiss: Sunken Treasuresby Daisy in a Daydream
Circe is back and she is up in the air. Literally. She is a guest at the Royal Air Temples and with Nathaniel back by her side, she suddenly feels as though she can take...
Leaping into freedom (Banana Fish; Ash x reader) by saltyidiots04a
Leaping into freedom (Banana Fish; Saltyidiots
This story is about Y/n and Ash, will they be able to be free from the nightmare they live in? Read to find out. I write from every episode so everything that happened i...
Star Trek Reader Inserts by atinysneeze
Star Trek Reader Insertsby Mariann
I kinda like doing these reader insert/one shot things so I thought to give this a try. Complete! For now??? I will not be doing any smut what so ever and no boyxboy or...
A Pirates Kiss: Resurrection by iluvdaisychain
A Pirates Kiss: Resurrectionby Daisy in a Daydream
Currently being updated in 2020 (The third instalment of the A Pirate's Kiss Trilogy) After a horrific betrayal and a devastating loss how can Circe ever hope to move on...