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You were sitting in the science lab working on classifying plant samples taken from a planet the crew recently stopped on. As you worked you saw your PADD flash with a new message. You finished classifying and labeling the plant sample you were working with before grabbing your PADD to read the message you had been sent.

As soon as you read the message your heart broke into a thousand pieces. You stared at the screen wanting to believe it wasn't true, you wanted to believe that your brother, your last living relative, had not died in an engineering accident on his ship.

You felt tears run down your face as breathing started to get harder. You tried to walk out of the lab but only succeeded in falling out of your chair. You crumpled to the ground, sobs shaking your body as you struggled to breath normally.

Spock had looked over from his lab station as soon as he heard you fall. He was concerned and unaware why you were so upset.

"(Y/n)? Are you alright?" When you didn't answer Spock walked toward you, calling your name to try to get your attention. Realizing you were unresponsive to him Spock kneeled down next to you and tried to get you to look at him.

Spock slowly and uncertainty wrapped his arms around you and held you while you cried, whispering  the most reassuring things he could come up with in your ear. You slowly started to calm down and focused on the feeling of someone holding you.

When your sobs turned to small hiccups you were calm enough to think about how strange it was for Spock to show affection and hold you, no matter how hard you were crying. You blushed before hugging him back tightly, thankful he was there comforting you.

"Are you alright (y/n)?" Spock asked you after a minute or two of silence.

"Not really." You mumbled. "I-I just learned my brother passed way, he was the last family member I had." 

"That does not mean you are alone (y/n). You have many friends here who care about you." Spock said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You're right, it's still hard to loose him though." You told Spock.

"You will get through this (y/n), you are stronger then you think and have people to support you." Spock slowly pulled away from you and stood up. He reached out and helped you stand before taking your hand and pulling you out of the lab.

"Let's get you to your quarters, you don't need to be working right now." Spock lead you all the way to your quarters and made sure you were safely inside and on your couch with a blanket and a cup of your favorite kind of tea. Once Spock saw you were safely in your room he turned to leave.

"Spock." You said quietly but with his Vulcan hearing he heard you. "Can you stay? I don't really want to be alone." Spock stopped to think for a moment before nodding. He called the captain to let him know the two of you would be taking the afternoon off before sitting next to you on the couch.

You scooted closer to Spock and slowly leaned your head on him. He froze for a moment before putting his arm around you. Soon you were falling asleep with the last thing you heard being Spock saying you were not alone because he would be there for you as long as you needed.

You drifted to sleep with a smile on your face at the thought of Spock being there to help you while you figured out how to move on.

I'm sorry for how much of a mess this one is, I had the idea a while back and decided to finally write it but it was hard to get it from my head onto the paper.

If you have a request let me know!

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