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Sitting at the bar at a club near the academy you looked around the room slowly. Not noticing anyone you knew you just sat finishing your drink slowly and people watching.

"Hello there beautiful." A guy said from behind you. You turned around to see a stranger smirking at you.

"Hi." You mumbled, not wanting to talk to a stranger right now.

"A pretty girl like you shouldn't be sitting here alone, can I buy you a drink?" He asked while moving closer to you.

"Actually I'm supposed to be meeting someone so thanks but no thanks." You said before turning back around in your seat, not wanting to talk to the stranger any longer.

"Don't be like that babe, I'll buy you a drink and just get to know you." The guy said, not taking the hint.

"Really that's not necessarily." You told him adamantly, not wanting to deal with the guy who was uncomfortably close to you.

"I disagree," the guy started before you felt an arm go around your shoulders.

"Sorry I'm late babe, I got caught up talking with my Professor, I needed to go over my final paper with him." Your friend Jim Kirk said to you with a smile.

"That's alright, I knew you would be here soon." You said with a smile, playing along with him.

"Who's this?" Kirk asked looking at the man who had been flirting with you, who now looked very uncomfortable.

"I'm no one, I'm just leaving". The guy mumbled before walking away, probably looking for someone else to flirt with.

"Thanks for coming to my rescue." You told Kirk as soon as the other guy left.

"No problem babe, anytime." Kirk said with a smirk before ordering himself and you a drink. You rolled your eyes at him.

"You didn't need to buy me a drink." You told him.

"But I wanted to before some other guy did". Kirk said with a harsher tone.

"Are you jealous?" You scoffed looking at Mr. Womanizer Kirk standing next to you.

"Maybe a little." Kirk admitted with a small smile. His smile was genuine for once, his signature smirk no where to be found. You smiled back at him, surprised you could make him jealous. The two of you stayed at the bar and drank your drinks slowly.

"Do you want to dance?" Kirk asked you suddenly.

"Sure." You said. He took your hand and dragged you to the dance floor where the two of you danced the night away.

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