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You had just started on the Enterprise as an engineer. Scotty had quickly become your friend and he was one of the only people you talked to on the ship. He invited you to dinner with the rest of his friends so you could meet people.

As you were walking towards the rec. room for dinner you tripped and scraped up your knee and ripped you favorite pair of tights. You decided it was easier to go to the rec. room and deal with it there you kept walking.

Once you and made it to the room you walked in slowly, curious as to where exactly you were meeting Scotty.

"Over here (y/n)!" Scotty called to you.

"Hi." You said quietly while walking up. Everyone at the table said hello back.

"What happened to your knee?" Scotty asked with a slight worried expression, you looked down to see you were still bleeding pretty bad.

"I may have tripped on my way here." You admitted.

"That's it, come sit, I'll fix you up." One of the guys si ting at the table told you while he stood up and gestured to his chair. You sat down blushing and he quickly walked away. He soon returned with a first aid kit.

"That Dr. McCoy by the way, we call him Bones." Scotty explained as the man came back over and opened his med kit.

"How did you manage to scrape your knee this bad from falling?" Bones asked with a slight chuckle. You blushed but didn't answer, not actually having an explanation.

Soon the doctor had cleaned and wrapped up your knee. He packed up the medical kit and put it back wherever he got it form before pulling up a chair and sitting next to you.

"You should come to med bay tomorrow morning for me to see how that's healing, also Scotty, don't work her too hard tomorrow." Bones said with a smile.

"I'll be there, thanks." You mumbled. The rest of the dinner went fine, the whole group was very nice. As you were all getting ready to leave Bones stopped you.

"I'm walking you to your room, we don't need another fall." He told you with a chuckle. You blushed but accepted regardless.

Neither of you spoke much as you walked, and soon you were back to your room without incident.

"Thank you'd or walking me here Bones." You said.

"No problem, and you can call me Leonard." He replied.

"Alright, Leonard, I'll see you in the morning?"

"I'll see you then." As the director started to walk away you walked into your room with a smile on your face, he was a very cute and sweet guy that you were lucky to meet. You couldn't think of a better result to scraping your knee if you tried.

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