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You were waiting in your hotel room during shore leave for your boyfriend Leonard McCoy.

"Are you ready to go yet?" You wined.

"I don't see why we even have to go." He grumbled back at you while looking for his shoes.

"I just want to go to the market, is that so much to ask?" You grumbled back.

"There are too many people and I don't want to walk that much!" Bones exclaimed.

"Suck it up butter cup." You told him while walking out of the door without him. He caught up to you by the time you got to the elevator, even though he only had one shoe on. While you ride the elevator to the ground floor Bones put his shoe on and glared at you.

The market was a short walk away from the hotel once you finally made it to the round floor. By the time you made it to the market there were all kinds of beings of all different species around you.

"Giant gremlins everywhere." Bones muttered while looking around at all of the people. "Not you, I like you, everyone else is a gremlin." He added. You laughed at him but pulled him into the crowds nevertheless.

You shopped around the market for a while and even stopped to eat while you were there. Eventually Bones got to be even more irritable then normal so you agreed to make your way back to the hotel.

"Of course you had to stop and shop and socialize with all kinds of people." Bones complained as you two walked back to the hotel.

"I only stopped a few times and all I bought was a new scarf, some candy, and a few birthday presents. I could have bought a ton more, trust me." You told him.

Soon you were back at the hotel. A short elevator ride later and you and Bones were back to your room. Bones instantly flung off his shoes and collapsed on the couch, pulling you down next to him.

"Ah" he sighed, "Gremlin free peace and quiet." Bones sat for a moment before turning on the tv and putting his arm around you. "Isn't this better then pushing through crowds and having to socialize?" He asked with a smirk.

"Yeah, it is, I still think going to the market was fun though." You agreed. Bones rolled his eyes but nodded in agreement regardless. He couldn't care less about the market anymore, he was happily in his room with his girlfriend.

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