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You were sitting at a diner near the Star Fleet campus waiting for your boyfriend to show up. He was supposed to meet you for dinner nearly 20 minutes ago.

"You ready to order sweety?" A waitress asked you with a small smile.

"I'm just waiting on someone, they should be here soon." You told her with a small smile back. She nodded in understanding and walked away. It was over half an hour later and you were still sitting in your booth alone.

You heard the bell on the door ring and looked up hopefully but the man who walked in was not your boyfriend.

"How are you today Charlotte?" He asked the waitress, he must be a regular.

"I'm doing good, how about yourself?" She replied.

"I'm doing good." He answered with a smile. You looked back at the door and the waitress sent you a small sad smile again. The man realized what had happened and walked over quickly.

"I didn't even notice you were already here, I'm so sorry I'm late". He said with a big smile while sitting down. "Just go with it." He whispered to you. You were surprised but went along with it anyway. The You waitress, Charlotte, came and took your orders with a surprised but happy smile.

"So, hi, who are you?" You asked once the waitress walked away.

"I'm Jonathan Archer, nice to meet you. And you are?" He answered and asked.

"I'm (y/n) (l/n)." You told him.

"Pretty name." He said with a smile. "I don't know how any one could have stood you up."

"Is it that obvious?" You asked with a slight frown.

"You were staring at the door and looked highly disappointed when I walked in, it was quite clear you were waiting for someone. Friend? Boyfriend?"

"My boyfriend, he was supposed to be here about an hour ago." You explained.

"Well I'm sorry but his loss is my gain." You both laughed at this and kept getting to know each other as the food came. Throughout the dinner you realized how Jonathan was a really great guy. After dinner the two of you walked out together.

"So, would you like to go on a real planned date sometime?" Jonathan asked.

"I would love to!" You answered. Jonathan walked with you back to campus and walked you to your dorm room.

"You know, if you just tell me where to find the guy who stood you up I'll talk to him about it". He said while making a fist. You laughed at the offer before declining.

"I don't need to worry about him anymore. I'll make sure he knows he screwed up." You said with a laugh.

"Alright." Jonathan said, "I'll pick you up at 6 on Saturday?"

"Sounds great." You said while walking into your dorm, "I'll see you then." You closed the door and smiled brightly. This was the best screwed up date you'd ever had.

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