Trip Tucker

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"Aren't you excited for the movie night tonight, it's the perfect time for you to ask him out!" Your best friend Hoshi told you as the two of you walked towards engineering from lunch.

"First of all I don't really want to go tonight, and second of all I don't like Trip!" You said exasperated. No matter how many times you told her that you weren't falling for your boss she denied it. As you walked into engineering Hoshi opened her mouth to respond but a familiar southern voice interrupted her.

"Hey (y/n), we've got an electrical problem on C deck, could you go check it out? I've got to finish making some adjustments on the system down here then I can come help you." Trip explained.

"Sure thing." You answered with a small smile. You turned back to Hoshi and she was looking at you like you were crazy.You grabbed your tools and started to walk to C deck, Hoshi hot on your tail.

"Just admit it, you obviously like him! He second he started talking you just stopped and listened like the world revolved around him!" She said while she walked after you.

"Oh wow, you mean I pay attention go my boss. Who even does that at work?" You responded whole rolling your eyes. "Speaking of work, don't you have to get back to your job?"

"This is not the end of this conversation." Hoshi said before walking towards the bridge. You laughed at her and went to C deck. You realized the lights were flickering and instantly went to find the panel you needed to fix.

You were barely able to reach the wall panel to take it down. You removed the lower panel too and balanced on some metal beams in the wall. You had to stretch and stand on your tip toes to reach the wires that needed adjustment. You reached up and started to rewire the panel.

"Hey (y/n), how's it going." Someone said behind you, startling you and causing you to fall backwards.
You closed your eyes and braced yourself for impact but when you didn't hit the ground you opened your eyes slowly.

"Looks like you're falling for me Ensign." Trip said with a charming smile. You blushed as you realized not only had he caught you but he was flirting with you too.

"Thanks for catching me." You said before moving to stand on the ground again.

"No problem, you can fall for me any time." He said with that signature smile again, you just blushed a deeper shade of red. Trip stood on the beam and fixed the panel, he didn't have to stretch to reach. You handed him tools while you worked and the panel was soon fixed.

"So (y/n)," Trip said while he climbed off the beam, "would you like to go watch the movie tonight with me?"

"I'd like that." You answered smiling, it looks like Hoshi had been right all along. Trip gave you his signature smirk before the two of you put the panels back in place and brought all of your tools back to engineering.

Within no time your shifts were over and it was time for the movie night. Trip came up to you at the end of the shift and offered you his arm. The two of you walked together to the movie, talking about random things. When you walked in the room together Hoshi was already sitting. Her jaw dropped when she saw the two of you.

"What? When did this happen?" She asked as you and Trip took the empty seats next to her.

"Don't even ask." You muttered before talking to Trip again. The movie was great but your favorite part was defiantly when Trip decided to put his arm around you.

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