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You were walking through engineering, fixing only some minor issues for the day.

"Hey (y/n), could you help me fix some lights that are flickering up on the bridge?" Scotty asked you.

"Sure thing babe." You replied while walking towards the lift. You were halfway there when you realized what you said and froze on the spot. "I didn't mean that, I call my friends babe and it just came out and I'm sorry." You rambled while Scotty looked at you in slight shock.

"Don't worry lass, it was cute." Scotty told you before walking part you to the lift. "Are you coming?" He asked after you hadn't moved an inch.

"I'm coming". You said before following him. The whole wall to the bridge you couldn't look at Scotty without blushing.

Soon the two of you were on the bridge and started to work after saying hi to everyone. You still wouldn't make eye contact with Scotty, and when you did once you blushed all over again.

"You ok there (y/n)?" Kirk asked with a smirk when he noticed you blushing.

"I'm great." You muttered back while working. Kirk gave you a look showing he did not believe you but you just tried to ignore it. Once you and Scotty had fixed the light problem you two were heading back down to engineering.

"Hey (y/n)?" Kirk asked while you were leaving. "You sure you're ok?" He asked while smirking.

"I'm perfectly fine." You answered with a glare. Before walking with Scotty off the bridge.

For the rest of your shift you avoided Scotty, blushing lightly every time he talked to you and being very careful about your word choice. When your shift was finally done you started walking towards the mess hall but Scotty stopped you.

"(Y/n), are you heading to dinner?" He asked.

"I am." You told him.

"Could I join you?" He asked quietly.

"Sure." You mumbled at him with a blush. You couldn't believe how embarrassed you'd felt the whole day. The two of you made it to the mess hall and Scotty stopped to let you walk in first.

"After you, babe." Scotty said with a smirk and a slight chuckle. You rolled your eyes at him but walked in smiling and blushing regardless.

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