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You were working on a new lab report quietly across from your boyfriend Spock. You turned to grab a different data chart when a stack of plant samples feel over on the table.

"Oh gosh diddly darn." You muttered while picking up the samples. "Fudge nuggets this one broke." You muttered while grabbing the shattered pieces of one of the cases.

You finished cleaning up the pieces and got a new case before putting the samples safely in this assigned spot in the inventory closet. As you want back to the table you bumped into the corner of the table.

"Gosh diddly dang that hurt." You said while sitting down grumpily, everything was going wrong today. You continued to write your report before your PADD beeped signaling it needed to be charged. You walked towards the charging ports looking for the correct cord.

"Heaven to Betsy where did the cord go?" You asked yourself while digging through the pile of cords. You finally found the correct one and walked back to your table, plugging the PADD in in the process.

Once you got back to work the PADD beeped at you again.

"What do you want now you noodle nugget?" You asked it sarcastically, knowing the machine would not answer you. Before you could try to fix it Spock took the device out of your hands and had it fixed good as new in seconds.

"Thanks." You said while taking back the devise.

"You're welcome." Spock said. "(Y/n)?" He asked suddenly.

"Yeah?" You answered.

"Why do you say strange things in place of swears or exclamations other people use?" Spock asked with a seriously confused look on his face.

"I don't like to swear so I just make things up instead." You explained. Spock looked at you thoughtfully before turning back to his work.

"I find your use of random phrases fascinating and mildly amusing." He added while returning to his project.

"I'm glad I could amuse you." You said with a smile. The room was silent once again until your PADD gave you an error message as you were finally about to finish your report. "What the frick frack paddy wack?"

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