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You were never that close to your family, and Thanksgiving was usually a mess for you. It usually consisted of aunts and uncles just judging your decision to go into Star Fleet while you pretended
they were not rude.

Kirk never enjoyed Thanksgiving with his family either. He loved his family but didn't like the major holiday in general, it was just an excuse for his family to interrogate him over a huge dinner.

Overall neither of you knew what you wanted to do. Neither of you really wanted to take the other home to your family for the holiday.

"Why should we go at all?" You finally asked one day after a week of deliberations.

"We can't just tell them we don't want to come". Kirk said.

"No, but they don't know each other yet, we can tell my family I'm going with you and your family you're going with me. They won't suspect a thing." You explained with a smirk.

The two of you both called your families and apologized for not being able to attend the Thanksgiving celebrations, explaining you would be at the other families event.

No one questioned your decision, they only made you promise to come home for Christmas. You and Kirk felt very successful.

That's how the two of you ended up at home in thanksgiving, eating mashed potatoes with gravy while watching Netflix. Neither of you could have imagined a better day.

"Can we do this next year?" Kirk asked with a smile.

"Maybe, we might need a new excuse so we don't get caught." You said with a laugh before cuddling closer to Kirk, happy as could be.

Sorry that this one is cheesy and short. I had the idea but didn't know what character to apply it too.

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