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You always have had troubles sleeping, and sometimes McCoy helped, but not always. One night you were laying in bed beside a sleeping McCoy.

The two of you had been together for months now, but neither of you had said I love you. You had thought to say it many times, but your shy demeaned had stopped you from ever actually saying it.

You tossed and turned but couldn't seem to get comfortable. Eventually you turned to Bones, who was laying on his stomach sound asleep.

You started drawing shapes gently on his back with your finger, it helped to calm you down. You let your thoughts wander and didn't even realize that you had begun to trace the words I love you on his back.

You stayed there, tracing the words over and over with a smile on your face, knowing you really did love the man laying beside you. You were so lost in your thoughts again you didn't realize his breathing changed and he slowly woke up.

"I love you too," you heard suddenly. You jumped up and backed up, almost falling off the bed in he process.

You caught yourself and turned around to see a half asleep McCoy smiling at you.

"What was that?"

"I said I love you too," he answered. You smiled brightly at him before pulling him into a tight hug.

"I wanted to tell you but I just didn't know how to get the words out," you admitted.

"I felt the same way, seems like you fixed that issue yourself," McCoy said with his usual bright grin. "How about we go to sleep now?"

"That sounds great," you agreed. Soon you were cuddled up in McCoy's arms, and drifting off to sleep with a bright smile on your face. He loved you too.

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