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You were walking through the ship with headphones in, not because you wanted to listen to music but because you really didn't and for talk to anyone. You had been having a very long week, and didn't really feel like interacting with anyone.

You were sitting alone in a rec. room eating when you heard someone come up behind you. You pretended not to notice, hoping to avoid any conversation.

"Oh uh hi (y/n)," you heard your crush Pavel Chekov say. You didn't turn around, afraid to break the illusion that with your headphones in you couldn't hear anyone.

"Alright to I know you can't hear me but I wanted to let you know that I may have kinda sorta developed feelings for you. And I'm really scared to tell you so I'm saying it now so I know I said it even though you will never know," Chekov said. You turned around slowly to look at him with wide eyes.

"Oh my you don't have music playing do you, and you heard all that, uh bye," Chekov mumbled very fast before turning and leaving the room. You ran after him, happy to have heard his confession.

"Chekov wait!" You yelled while following him down the hallway. "Pavel!" He stopped and turned to you, blushing bright red.

"I'm sorry that you thought that I wasn't listening, hi early I was just having a bad day and put the headphones in so no one would talk to me, but I'm glad you did. I like you to Pavel, a lot, and hearing that you like me too made my day so much better," you explained.

"Really?" He asked with a small smile.

"Really, why don't we go have dinner together?"

"I would really like that. No headphones this time?"

"No headphones this time," you said while taking out your earbuds and putting them into your pocket before walking back to the rec. room with Chekov, both of you smiling widely.

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