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Hello! I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing, everything's been very crazy for me lately.

Walking through your room you shivered, you had one of the worst colds of your life.

"(Y/n)?" You heard through the door.

"What?" You mumbled grumpily while opening up the door.

"I brought you some soup," your boyfriend Jim Kirk said with a smile.

"Thanks," you muttered before walking up to your couch and laying down, shivering.

Jim walked into the room behind you and closed the door. You heard him walk out of he room and soon he returned with a blanket.

"Can you sit up for me?" Kirk asked with a bright smile. You obliged with a glare. Soon the extra blanket Jim had stolen from your room was wrapped around you and you had your favorite soup in front of you.

"Did you take medicine for your cold yet?" Kirk asked while getting you some tea.

"Not yet," you admitted, your head heart and you kept forgetting to take anything. Jim left for a moment and returned with medicine and some water for you.

"Thank you," you said quietly before taking the medicine. You slowly ate your soup but started falling asleep from the medicine.

"Why don't we get you to bed?" Jim asked you a moment later. You only nodded in return, too tired to do much else.

Jim carefully helped you up and to your room, and soon you were laying in bed under a huge pile of blankets.

"Thank you," you muttered while you started to fall asleep.

"You're welcome (y/n), sleep good," Jim told you just as you drifted off. You were so happy he had been there to take care of you.

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