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You were staying on a planet for the night with your boyfriend Chekov to gather some research and the two of you had set up your camp area for the night.

You were walking around the nearby forest collecting data for a few hours before Chekov decided the two of you should go get some sleep.

Chekov went and changed into more comfortable clothes while you finished gathering data. Soon you went to get ready for bed too.

But the time you were ready to sleep Chekov was already happily laying on one side of the air mattress the two of you had set up.

You were exhausted from working a full shift today and then beaming down to the planet to set up camp and then collect data. You flopped down onto the air mattress so hard that Chekov flipped off the other side.

"Are you alright?" You asked while leaning to his side of the mattress.

"Yea, but you knocked me off." Chekov said before climbing slowly back on to the mattress, making sure not to knock you off. He looked at you grumpily after he lied back down and you couldn't help but laugh. He just glared at you as you laughed.

"I'm sorry, you must admit it was funny." You told him between laughs.

"Maybe to you." He muttered before rolling over to go to sleep. You laughed at him a little more before rolling over and going to bed yourself, carful not to knock Chekov off the bed again.

Sorry this one is short, it just a cute idea. Please let me know if you have a request! Thanks for reading!!

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