Kirk Christmas Special- Part 1

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I hope everyone likes this, even if they don't celebrate Christmas. I'm sorry it's just what I celebrate so I can write about it easily.

You had always had a huge Christmas celebration at home. A 12 foot tall Christmas tree covered in ornaments, rope lights hung all around, a cute inflatable snowman, basically every possible Christmas decoration taking up your living room.

It was hard to get decoration up in the Enterprise, but after last years disappointing lack of decorations you were determined to do better. The last time you had stopped on earth you made sure a nice artificial Christmas tree and several boxes of decorations were beamed aboard and safely put in storage.

It was about a week after Thanksgiving when you finally had time to put up the tree. You decided it would go in the corner of the bridge, with Kirk's approval of course.

You dragged the parts of the tree to the bridge from the storage closet they had been housed in and out it together, with much difficulty. Then, when you plugged it in, not all of the lights would work.

You were struggling for over an hour finding all of he plugs in the tree and finding where they were supposed to plug into to make the tree light up. When you finally finished you were stuck, tangled up in the tree. As you struggled to get out you heard laughter.

"Who's there?" You asked.

"It's Kirk." You heard between laughs. "Got yourself in a bit of a situation there don't you?"

"Just a little," you admitted, "could you help me?" Kirk came over and helped pull you out of the tree, carefully to make sure none of the lights you had fought to make work got unplugged.

"Thanks," you told him once you were out of the tree.

"You're welcome (y/n), do you have more decorations going up in here?" He asked.

"Of course, this is barley anything, we can be some much more festive than this!" You told him before going to get ready for work, you would put up more decorations tomorrow.

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