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You were sitting in your quarters reading when someone rang your doorbell.

"Come in." You called, not wanting to get up and put your book down. Your boyfriend Pavel Chekov walked in and walked up to the couch. He collapsed on to it, laying with his head on your lap. "Bad day?" You asked.

"I had zo much to do and I vas running and helping Spock and Scotty and the Keptin all day long". He complained. You laughed at how gummy he was and kept reading your book.

Every page or so Chekov would ask you a question or start to tell a story and you would stop reading to listen to him. At one point he started to ask about the book you were reading so you started explaining the plot to him.

Halfway through your explanation do the book Chekov had stopped commenting. You looked down from the book to see your boyfriend sound asleep laying on you.

You smiled and went back to reading the book, leaving him to sleep. It was an hour or so later when you were getting too tired to keep reading. You tried to move from underneath Chekov but he just cuddled closer to you. You gave up trying to move and grabbed a blanket that was on the couch and threw it over the two of you.

You put your feet up on the ottoman of the couch and leaned back as best you could with the limited movement you had. Soon you feel asleep too, your boyfriend already on you sound asleep.

I'm sorry this is so short, I liked the idea of it but didn't know how to make it much longer. Please send me any requests you have. Thanks!

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