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"I'm bored, we should play 20 questions." You said to your crush, Malcolm Reed, while he worked on some algorithm for torpedo accuracy.

"What is that?" He asked while giving you a strange look.

"I ask you a question and you answer, then you ask me one. We go back and forth until we get to twenty questions or we run out of questions to ask." You explained to him.

"If you really want to." Malcolm gave in and looked at you again, you took that as a sign to go first.

"Alright, what's your favorite food?"

"I don't really have one." He said after a moment f thinking.

"How do you not have a favorite food?" You asked him.

"I just don't." After he answered you stared at him in confusion for another minute. "What, I just don't have a favorite food, why is that so weird?" He asked.

"It's just not, well, normal. There must be some food you like, even just a little more than anything else." You tried to get him to just give you an answer already.

"Pineapple." He muttered eventually.

"Cool, now was that really that hard? I don't think so!" Malcolm rolled his eyes at you before going back to his algorithm, leaving you bored again.

"Are you almost done with the algorithm?" You asked him, getting to be tired of just sitting there and watching him work.

"Almost, I just have one more slight calibration and then it should be all good." He answered with a small smile. You waited quietly for him to finish, and eventually he did.

"Awesome, what do you want to do now?" You a sled him as soon as he finished.

"We could play more of that question game." He suggested. You nodded in agreement.

"What's your favorite color?" Malcolm asked you.

"(Y/f/c), what about you?" You asked.

"I actually don't have one, but this time I'm not kidding. I can't pick just one color." He asserted with a smile. You rolled you eyes at him this time.

"My turn," he started with a smile, "would you like to get dinner with me?"

"Like, as a date?" You asked quietly while blushing. Malcolm nodded at you, a scared look in his eyes.

"I'd love to go out with you!" You told him happily.

"Great," he smiled at you, brighter than before, "let's go then." The two of you walked out happily towards the cafeteria, maybe they would have pineapple at dinner!

Hey everyone, thanks for reading! If you have any request, even just for a certain person, please let me know, I want to write what you want!

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