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You were happily spending your day off in your room, waiting for your husband Kirk to be done with his shift. You had been reading all morning, but after lunch you decided to bake cookies. You were working in the small kitchen while dancing and singing to music in your headphones.

You smiled and danced while finishing mixing the cookies and putting them on the cookie sheet. Soon they were in the overnight and you were happily cleaning up the kitchen, dancing your way around.

One of your favorite songs came on and you couldn't halo but sing into the spoon you hand just washed and dried. At the end of the song, in the quiet movement before the next song started, you could hear chuckling behind you.

You quickly spun around in your place to see Kirk standing behind you smiling.

"It seems like you've had a good day without me". Kirk joked making you blush. "You looked cute dancing and singing in there."

"Thanks". You muttered while pulling out your headphones and going to shut off the music. Kirk walked up to the nearby computer and turned your favorite album on through the whole room.

"May I have this dance?" He asked with a smile.

"Of course." You told him while grabbing his hand and dancing with him. The two of you laughed and danced while singing your hearts out. Suddenly a loud beep scared both of you. "My cookies!" You yelled while running into the kitchen.

You pulled your cookies out of the oven and realized you had grabbed them right on time, they were just perfectly baked. You smiled before going back to dance with your husband until the cookies were cooled a little.

A few songs later the two of you wandered into the kitchen to eat the warm cookies, that ended up being your dinner that evening. Neither of you could have imagined being anywhere more perfect than dancing and goofing off together with a plate of fresh baked cookies.

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