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I'm sorry that this is a short one again, I'll be able to write longer ones during winter break.

"I do not feel that this game is very difficult (y/n)." Spock told you.

"Of course you don't think it's difficult! You've been playing it for years and you thrive off of logic." You yelled at your boyfriend after he beat you in 3-D chess for what must have been the hundredth time.

"Let us play again, see if you can not beat me this time." Spock said.

"Of course you'll beat me, I have no motivation to loose again." You explained.

"Why do you not have the motivation to play?" Spock asked which an eyebrow raised.

"I do not find enjoyment in loosing over and over again. And I don't have any reward for trying either" you told him.

"Well how could I make it more amusing for you." Spock asked.

"Let's make it a bet." You recommended. "If I win, you have to kiss me."

"I will agree to this bet." Spock told you. The two of you started to play again, Spock seemed to be winning as always. Out of no where, you were able to win.

"No way, I win, I actually beat you!" You yelled jumping up in excitement.

"You did beat me." Spock said before kissing you suddenly. You kissed back but stared at him shocked when he pulled away. "I do believe that was your reward for winning." Spock told you.

"Yep, it was." You said slowly, realizing how you had won the game. "You let me win didn't you." Spock did not answer, he only started to reset the game board.

"Care to play again?" He asked.

"You're on Spock." You told him with a smile before risking your first move.

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