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The Goonies// Brand Walsh by Malyndah
The Goonies// Brand Walshby malynda :)
A group of friends who call themselves "The Goonies" find a treasure map which leads to millions of dollars that are worth of gold which could be enough to sav...
  • brand
  • comedy
  • 1980s
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The Experiment (Data x reader) by star_trek4ever
The Experiment (Data x reader)by star_trek4ever
You never suspected that you'd end up the role model of the Enterprise's resident android, but it turns out you're not as invisible as you once thought.
  • trek
  • tng
  • startrek
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Never Say Die | The Goonies by LabyrinthFan
Never Say Die | The Gooniesby Labyrinth Fan
GOONIES FANFIC | MOUTH X OC On the nineteenth of May, 1989, the town of Astoria was put under curfew. Twenty-one criminals had broken out of the local prison. The Frate...
  • mikeywalsh
  • fratellis
  • chunk
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Just the Goonies //// Goonies by 707iswerid
Just the Goonies //// Gooniesby 707
"Wow, I'd never thought I'd ever hear the words Mouth and Love in the same sentence." "Well, unless the sentence is 'I'd love to punch Mouth into that wal...
  • wattys2018
  • fanfiction
  • enjoy
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Star Trek One Shots by hey_there_delilah21
Star Trek One Shotsby Delilah
This is just a random compilation of one shots and reader inserts from the original Star Trek and Next Generation characters. There might end up being a few Enterprise c...
  • kirk
  • mccoy
  • reed
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The Goonies- Preferences/ Imagines by BlinkTheColor
The Goonies- Preferences/ Imaginesby Names Blink
Pretty much as the title says...
  • goonies
  • mouth
  • data
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The Language of Music.   by RECarmine
The Language of Music. by RE Carmine
Rachael Ahyoka is the music teacher aboard the USS Enterprise D. After being rejected by Worf, she learns to let her feelings for him go and focus on what is most import...
  • dataoc
  • music
  • data
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「Investigation Creepypasta」 by XxDeath__HellxX
「Investigation Creepypasta」by ❝ Sasha ❞
A real investigation. I'm tired of seeing the things that happen, if nobody does anything, I'll I do it. I will not stop until I know the truth. Disappearances, murders...
  • creepypastas
  • investigationcreepypasta
  • information
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Our Adventure Awaits Us 2 by HunterMarauder
Our Adventure Awaits Us 2by HunterMarauder
"How on earth was I lucky enough to meet a guy like you, Michael Walsh?" Book 2 in the series, Our Adventure Awaits Us. Lexi is thrilled to hear the good news...
  • brandonwalsh
  • lexi
  • thegoonies
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The Goonie Adventure by Kit-Kat-Gurl
The Goonie Adventureby Kate
Kate (Kit) Devereaux is none other than the famous Mouth's twin sister. Being the only girl Goonie has its ups and downs. One day over at her best friend Mikey's house...
  • treasure
  • brand
  • pirates
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Star Trek- Reader Inserts by musicbugs
Star Trek- Reader Insertsby musicbugs
Requests for Star Trek x Reader inserts from another site :) -I do not own Star Trek, any of the characters or the reader. This is purely for fun.-
  • reader
  • trek
  • insert
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DBMS part 1 by saurabh by Manish1ly
DBMS part 1 by saurabhby MANISH BARANWAL
  • management
  • introduction
  • dbms
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Funny Star Trek: TNG Gifs, Pictures, Etc. by NintendoJedi
Funny Star Trek: TNG Gifs, NintendoJedi
Get ready to rejoin all your favorite TNG characters for all the ridiculous stuff you've been missing. All images from the Internet. Star Trek not owned by me. NOW LAUGH!
  • nextgeneration
  • memes
  • picard
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Q's gift by TFALokiwriter
Q's giftby Ivy
A story of a Trekkie going aboard the Enterprise thanks to Q. Started: 8.13.2015. Completed: 8.13.2015 at 8:09 PM. Fandom- Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 1 of 2.
  • klingon
  • crusher
  • data
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Star Trek Oneshots by MMBatarang
Star Trek Oneshotsby Mishi BD
Just some cute little One shots bout you and the crew. BTW some will be reader inserts some will have a name pre decided.
  • tos
  • scotty
  • picard
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One of the goonies- mouth ls by 80s_tozier
One of the goonies- mouth lsby Multi Fandom
Delilah Walsh is Mikey Walsh's cousin who lives with him and Brand because her dad is under critical condition and finds a love interest in Clark "Mouth" Dever...
  • mikey
  • 80s
  • goonies
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Spiner by the_47th_person
Spinerby (47) The_47th_person
Student(reader)x Teacher ft.Brent Spiner ... Yeah so if this Isn't your thing just stop right here. If not continue ... You're a Junior in high school and at first, you...
  • drinking
  • spiner
  • love
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Star Trek Oneshots by Music_and_Books5ever
Star Trek Oneshotsby Sarah Gearhart
Star Trek Oneshots with any character from the Original Series or The Next Generation.
  • chekov
  • xreader
  • geordilaforge
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Daforge: The Data/Geordi Chronicles by spacemenbonanza
Daforge: The Data/Geordi Chroniclesby Maisie
Data Soong, Geordi LaForge. The android, the engineer. Two fluffy spacehusbands. You gotta love 'em. This is where I'll keep all singular bits of writing on them.
  • geordilaforge
  • daforge
  • spacehusbands
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The Goonies Preference/ Imagines  by 80smakemehappy
The Goonies Preference/ Imagines by ❦ 80s ❦
  • thefratellis
  • mikeywalsh
  • stef
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