Kirk Christmas Special-Part 2

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You decided the bridge needed more decorations, so you spent your afternoon off handing up lights. Scotty had let you borrow a ladder from engineering, but it wasn't very stable.

"You promise you'll catch me?" You asked Kirk with a small smile. The two of you had been getting closer the last few months, and you had convinced him to be there to help you decorate the bridge.

"I promise," he replied with a smile back. You slowly went up the ladder and started to hang up lights. You kept having to get down and scoot the ladder over, but it was still going pretty fast.

You were as high up on the ladder as you could be when the two strands of lights you had plugged together before came undone. You leaned as far as you could to try and plug the lights back together but before you knew it you were falling.

You closed your eyes and cringed, getting ready to hit the ground, before you were caught by someone. You opened your eyes to see Spock had been the one to catch you.

"Thank you," you told him while he set you gently on the ground.

"You are welcome, I believe the captain was preoccupied." You looked over to see Kirk sitting on the ground playing with a little train you had set up around the base of the tree.

"So much for him promising to catch me," you muttered. "Kirk will you help me with this strand of lights?"

"Sure thing!"

"Be ready to catch me this time," you said with getting on the ladder and fixing the plug you were trying to fix before.

"What do you mean this time?"

"(Y/n) fell off the ladder while you were preoccupied by the train. I was able to catch her," Spock explained.

"I'm so sorry, are you ok?" Kirk asked you immediately.

"I'm fine."

"Come in Spock, she was only supposed to fall for me," Kirk said jokingly while you kept putting up decorations. Soon the bridge was covered in multicolored lights. You walked around and added some Bows and wreaths between the lights, it looked pretty great. 

"I think we are done," you announced wth a smile.

"Finally," Kirk exclaimed.

"You didn't do anything, you didn't even catch me!"

"I was here for moral support, now how about we go get some lunch."

"Sounds good," you said before walking out of the room, the captain hot at your tail.

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