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"Come on, I promise it will be fun!" You exclaimed while pulling your boyfriend Spock towards the theater. Spock had agreed to take you wherever you wanted for your birthday, (within reason of course), and you had decided to take him so see a musical.

As the two of you walked into the theater you were smiling brightly, looking around at the grand lobby. Spock looked unamused, as he almost always did, but you didn't let him rain on your parade.

You quickly lead Spock to your seats in the small theater, you had gotten great seats a few rows from the stage right in the center. You looked at the program you had picked up at the door and read all about the production, cast, and crew.

Soon the show was starting, it was your favorite musical of all time. You danced a little in your seat in excitement. You sang all the songs in your head, knowing all the words perfectly, and smiled brightly through the whole thing.

When the show ended you gave a standing ovation and clapped as loud as you could, still beaming. You walked out of the theater with Spock, very happy that he took you to see your favorite musical.

"Thank you for tonight, Spock." You said with a smile. "I hope you enjoyed it."

"I found the musical rather fascinating, the way the break into song was rather illogical though. I am glad you enjoyed the performance so much." He answered with the smallest hint of a smile on his face.

The two of you walked back towards the academy, you already wondering what was the most logical musical you could think of to take Spock to next.

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